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0 Replies and 1249 Views When to report an issue here    
1249 0 - Started by Vangelis Manolis, last post from 2021-11-19 16:14
“Is it Capture’s fault or am I missing something” Imagine you are facing an issue and you are not sure if you should be doing something differently or if Capture misbehaves. It could be something unsupported in Capture, or that requires additional configuration. Then posting the issue in this community forum could result in someone else pointing you to the right direction and advise what you should do differently. If it turns out that it is Capture’s fault, then yo...

1 Replies and 64 Views Crash When working with Sequential subjects
64 1 - Started by Dwayne Houben, last post from Lars Wernlund
Hello, whenever i like to assign a Unit/Circuit/Patch/Channel to a fixture useing sequential, Capture crashes/freezes when i press enter. When I use my mouse to click assign there is no problem. Sometimes I have the same problem when duplicate or Copy items when pressing Enter to complete the action. What could be the source of the problem Windows 10 Capture 2023.1.7  

1 Replies and 154 Views LED Wall Won't Fade to Black
154 1 - Started by David, last post from Tom Andrews
Hi Ive just started a new file in capture and Im tryin to send a video feed from Resolume Into Capture 2023. Im haing an issue where when I fade out the media (to Black), the video feed in Capture does not change until the media has finished fadeing out, then it just snaps to black.  Ive tested the NDI feed and it is working as intended. Ive also tried turning off automatic exposure. Does anyone have a fix for this or is it something capture needs to fix in a future updat...

0 Replies and 25 Views MVR export impossible
25 0 - Started by Victor Perrin, last post from 2023-11-18 18:56
Hi, Since the latest release, when I try to export a MVR file, the soft export a DWG format. Regards, Victor

5 Replies and 89 Views I can' t see effect for fixture Cameo Matrix Panel 3WW
89 5 - Started by Fabio Fantozzi, last post from Fabio Fantozzi
Hello . I'm new in Capture. When I use fixture Cameo Matrix Panel 3WW in 5 channel mode I can't see effect like in realty. Example : changig value of Pattern mode we would see some dimmer effect , but it' doesn't work. Simeone know it

3 Replies and 137 Views glTF Material Import Issues
137 3 - Started by bcolgate, last post from bcolgate
Howdy! Hopefully this is just a "me" problem, but I need to import glTF 3d models into Capture 2023.1.6 on a Win10Pro 22H2 OS Build 19045.3570 machine; Capture reports "using cgltf, (c) 2018 Johannes Kuhlmann". So far, all attempts yield roughly the same results - proper mesh import, but Material import fails, even with commercially sold and glTF-validated files (I&39;m using the validator at "") Anyone know if the...

0 Replies and 76 Views How to add Stairville MBM40D to a project?
76 0 - Started by Rainschn, last post from 2023-10-25 20:36
I tried to add the DMX Motor Stairville MBM40D from the library to my projects. But even in the Plot View it can&39;t be added. But why doesn&39;t this work

0 Replies and 80 Views Special keywords do not work in reports
80 0 - Started by Floriaan, last post from 2023-10-24 12:01
Special keywords do not work in Reports. You can add text in the text field, but if you want to add special keywords, the code is inserted as is. Inserting: $(DrawingVersion) for instance does not work.

0 Replies and 92 Views scheda video
92 0 - Started by Francesco Ferrigno, last post from 2023-10-09 20:25
Buonasera, capture riscontra un problema con la scheda video del mio PC ACER aspire VX 15 con scheda video NVIDIA GEFORCE CTX 1050 Ho aggiornato tutti i driver della scheda, ho fatto ripristino come da fabbrica del laptop, il sistema operativo indica che le schede video NVidia GeForce e scheda grafica HD Intel sono in buono stato. Qualcuno ha avuto il mio stesso problema  grazie

2 Replies and 80 Views Mouse on jumps on manual controls
80 2 - Started by Floriaan, last post from Floriaan
I am not sure if this happens on both mac and pc, but I&39;ve noticed that my mouse pointer jumps quite a distance from where I let go of a manual control in the live view. This is especially annoying while adjusting barndoors/shutters. I am using MacOS 13.5.2 with Capture 2023.
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