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4 Replies and 783 Views EOS to Capture 22 weird DMX glitches
783 4 - Started by Orangegabriel, last post from Orangegabriel
Good day all, I am a beginner at using Capture, and have the 2022 Student edition (which I downloaded a few days ago). I have it connected to ETC Nomad via SACN on the same computer, porting out to a newly purchased (only used for this so far) network switch. For some reason I can&39;t work out, some of my fixtures are moving and activating of their own accord. Nothing is overlapping on my patch, and its very confusing. The specific fixtures are VL3000s and Robe ColorWash. If I were doi...

0 Replies and 785 Views beta view disappear
785 0 - Started by Vincenzo De Angelis, last post from 2022-04-28 11:13
Hy, After Bringing the beta view at fullscreen, the i view itself disappered. I can&39;t find it anywhere, not even on the taskbar. any suggestions thanks.

1 Replies and 80 Views Robe T1 shutter order
80 1 - Started by Schaliken, last post from Lars Wernlund
Today I found out that the shutter order of a real T1 does not match with the virtual fixture in Capture 2020. First shutter in real life is on the top. In capture it is on the side. This results in not being capable of programming in capture when I need to use these shutters. Is there a way to fix this

1 Replies and 69 Views Cinema 4D import
69 1 - Started by Pálmi Jónsson, last post from Lars Wernlund
Hello, I&39;m trying to import a .c4d file into Capture. Previously I&39;ve had next to no problems with it, but now I&39;m not getting any materials to show up. Usually the material has been the standard C4D material but now, after importing USDZ files into C4D, it&39;s like Cinema creates a node-based standard material. Am I correct in saying that this is the issue, Capture cannot understand the node-based material

2 Replies and 117 Views Chauvet GigBar 2
117 2 - Started by Andy, last post from Andy
Putting together a project which includes 2 x Chauvet Gigbar 2.  Though these are available in the fixture list there are a number of issues. 1. The &39;bar&39; with the is the wrong way and the &39;fitted&39; small strobes and lazer are pointing in a different direction to four larger the Pars. 2. None of the pars are adjustable as they are on the real fixture

1 Replies and 68 Views Hog4 fixture data import to Capture
68 1 - Started by Roman2040, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
Hello great people. I am having problem to import fixture data from Hog4 to Capture 2022. I understand I can export fixture data from Capture to Hog 4 which is XML file. And I was under impression that I can do Hog4 fixture import to Capture... However when I tried to do that the XML file in Capture import dialog is greyed out. Does Capture support import from Hog4 Thanks

1 Replies and 69 Views Issue adding Video Capture as Material iMac2019 runnign Monterrey
69 1 - Started by VLOD, last post from martinp
Hey everyone,  I&39;ve recently upgraded both the iMac 2019 to OX 12, AND Capture from 2019 to 2022. But i&39;m having isseus apply Video Cpature device as Material. Not doing anytign complcuated via NDI or streamig feed, just my FaceTime cam which I add succesfully as Capture device. Then I create a new Material. go to Textured Media, but VC doesn&39;t appear as an option,. In fact only one Media device appears, the first one i added of a still image file. So no other MEdia or Captu...

2 Replies and 85 Views Very slow rotation prism, gobo, color wheel
85 2 - Started by Roman2040, last post from Roman2040
Hello, guys. I am new to Capture. I tried to find an answer thru Forum, but no success. I have 4 Chauvet Intimidator 455Z IRC hooked up to Hog4 console and Capture 2022.  Everything looks good, BUT ALL rotations of Gobo, prism, color wheel, gobo wheel scroll are SUPER SLOW !!!! All values in console looks correct and fixtures are doing what they supposed to do on stage. However in Capture it looks that there is no movement on wheels. So I tried to give fixtures rotations of 250rpm and on...

2 Replies and 297 Views Questions about MacBookPro 13-M1 & MacbookPro 16 ?
297 2 - Started by VDA Eric, last post from Les 3 Cris
Hello, I need to do a summary with Capture and the Apple world. because my current Macbookpro has the thunderbold / ethernet part which no longer works ... Everything works well on the USB side, but therefore impossible to connect my light control without ethernet ... So I have to find a solution ...! 1 / When it is complicated to update on 11.1, (due to another non-functional third-party software on 11.1, can you indicate the MacBookPro 15 & 16 which seem to work with the 10.14 / 1...

1 Replies and 90 Views Degraded visual in lie view on 2nd monitor afteer 2 mins
90 1 - Started by Ben Robertson, last post from Lars Wernlund
Using Capture 2022 on x64 Windows 10 20H 16 GB RAM 2080 latest drivers. I have observed that if a window is poped out / free in live mode the visual degrades over time when taken from the primary display to the second screen . beams from lights and video feeds drop in quality after a short period of thime. dragging the window back to the same sceen as the main app return the quality . I have been able to repeat this several times.
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