Go mobile with Capture Mobile

With the Capture Mobile app installed on your iPhone or iPad you are just a tap away from your designs wherever you are. Access project files stored on your device, in the cloud, from your e-mail or downloaded from the Internet. Show design ideas to colleagues and customers, use the plot while rigging and connect to a lighting console and do visualisation - a whole new world of possibilities is opening up!

A natural step

With Capture already being available for macOS and our rendering engine running natively on Metal, the step to iOS was natural.

Enjoy first-class visualisation and mobile access to your project information, including your camera positions, filters, scenes, plot styles and snapshots!

Technical details

An iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 13.2 or later is required.

Opens all project files, including project files from the Student Edition.

Console connectivity is available using Art-Net, sACN and CITP. (Bidirectional CITP or any other protocols otherwise available in the desktop application, such as NDI or other streaming media protocols are not supported.)