Demo Packs

Here you can download controller and Capture showfiles with matching setups.

Follow the instructions pdfs on how to connect between Capture and the third party applications, and take advantage of learning how to work on both systems. More help on how to use Capture can be found on our Manuals & Videos page.

The Controller Zip-file contains the files that need to be loaded into the respective console, whereas the Capture Zip-file contains not only the Capture showfile (c2p), but also the standalone presentation files for PC or MAC.

If you don't have the real console or an offline version of the controllers below please click on the manufacturer logo and it will take you to their website to download it.

Instructions Controller Capture
ADB Stagelight ADB - Freedom  Zip-file Zip-file
Avolites Avolites - Titan Zip-file Zip-file
Chamsys ChamSys - MagicQ Pdf-file Zip-file Zip-file
Vista by Chroma Chroma-Q - Vista v2 Zip-file Zip-file
Compulite Compulite - Vector Pdf-file Zip-file Zip-file
ETC ETC - Cobalt Zip-file Zip-file
High End Systems High End Systems - Hog 4 Pdf-file Zip-file Zip-file
Kinesys Kinesys - K2 Zip-file Zip-file
Obsidian Control Systems Obsidian Control Systems - ONYX Pdf-file Zip-file Zip-file
Zero88 Zero88 - FLX Pdf-file Zip-file Zip-file