Licensing, update and upgrade policies

Licence conditions

  • Capture licences are personal and grant the owner the right to use an edition of a product on two of this person's computers.
  • Capture licences are valid on both Windows and macOS operating systems.
  • Capture licences are delivered in the form of digital licence key files. These should be treated as valuables.
  • Capture licence ownership can be transferred to another person by request from the currently registered owner only.

Additional licence conditions for educational institutions

  • Capture licence key files can be installed on an unlimited number of seats in the same physical location of an institution. Multiple labs in the same physical location are covered by one licence, but institutions spread across different cities require one licence per location.
  • Capture licence key files can not be unlocked automatically. Unlock requests have to be submitted manually by the registered owner of the licence.
  • Licence use is limited to equipment owned by the institution only.
  • COVID-19 update - licence use covers equipment owned by students until 2022-09-30.

Update policies

  • Capture licence owners are entitled to free updates (bug fixes and minor enhancements of existing features) of the product licensed and during its lifetime.
  • Capture licence owners are entitled to free technical support and free library support until 5 years after the end of the lifetime of the product licensed - given that sufficient documentation is available for the library item(s) requested and that the product licensed is capable of supporting it.
  • Capture licence owners' unlock requests (for installations on new computers) will be processed indefinitely.

Upgrade policies

  • It is our ambition to release a new Capture product every year.
  • Upon the release of a new product, Capture licence owners will be offered to purchase an upgrade to the same edition of the new product. The targetted upgrade price is 10% to 25% of a new licence of the product edition being upgraded.
  • If the product editions offered change upon a new product release, Capture licence owners will be offered upgrades to the nearest matching new product edition(s).
  • Upgrading to a new product will be offered at the same price regardless of the previously owned product, until 5 years after the end of the lifetime of the product licensed.
  • Upgrades from any edition to a higher edition (of the same product) will always be available throughout the product's lifetime and at the price difference of the editions in question.