Extend your application with Capture Component

Extend the functionality of your lighting application with our Capture Component software component. The Capture Component comes shipped with Capture's rich fixture and truss library but also allows you to inject custom geometry with your textures and video content. The rich feature set of the Capture Component makes it possible to enhance an application in many different ways.

This is how we will make your application shine

  • Take two-dimensional “fixture layout” views to the next level with three dimensions.
  • Provide live visualization of any fixtures; examples include visualization of specific fixtures, selected fixtures as well as all fixtures.
  • Use multiple simultaneous visualization views with live, blind or other prerecorded states.
  • Providing built-in live visualization of Capture project files.
  • Import fixture information from Capture project files such as patch, location, filters and gobos used.
  • Export Capture project files for continued editing in Capture.

A reasonable amount of customizations and enhancements as per the customer's request is also included.

Technical description

The Capture Component provides a C API which allows you to:

  • Programmatically create and manipulate multiple instances of Capture's document model in memory.
  • Serialize and deserialize instances of Capture's document model to and from Capture's project file format.
  • Embed views that visualize a Capture document in real-time in your application.
  • Interact with views to provide selection, focusing and other sorts of spacial functionality.
  • Stream DMX data internally in memory, without the need for any network protocols.

The Capture component is available as a Windows DLL and a macOS framework.


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