Network integration using CITP

It is possible to integrate with Capture using the CITP network protocol. The CITP protocol is open for anyone, free of charge and allows you to:

  • Transmit DMX data to Capture without the need for other protocols such as Art-Net or sACN. (CITP/SDMX)
  • Transmit encrypted DMX data to Capture, useful for instance with "offline" or demo versions lighting control systems. (CITP/SDMX)
  • Receive DMX feedback from Capture, most commonly used to receive fixture focusing information from Capture. (CITP/SDMX)
  • Transmit streaming video to Capture. (CITP/MSEX)

You can find the CITP protocol specification on BitBucket. Feel free to contact if you have any technical questions related to integration with Capture using CITP.

Capture CITP extension

Additional integration messages are available in the Capture-specific CITP extension layer CAEX and allow you to:

  • Acquire live view imagery from Capture.
  • Provide a customizable remote "cue recording" user interface in Capture.
  • Bidirectionally communicate fixture patch, selection and other fixture information with Capture.
  • Transmit live laser media content to Capture.

Download the CITP/CAEX Specification for more information. We encourage you to contact if you have any questions or wish to stay updated on future developments of the CITP CAEX extensions.

Capture glTF extension

Capture exports glTF 2.0 files with our own CAPTURE_model extension.

Specification (in Markdown):

Please contact if you have any questions!