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Submit your shows

Please share your shows with us - e-mail your showcases to for publication on our web site and a chance to enter our reward program!

The information required in a submission is as follows:

  • Event information. Such as name, location and date.
  • Your name and role in the event. Feel free to include the names and roles of any other people you wish to credit as well.
  • How / what Capture was used for. Did you use Capture for design, visualization or documentation? Did you import something and if so what from other softwares? 
  • Renders. You must include at least one 1920 x 1080 render, but the more the merrier!
  • Photos. You must include at least one photo of the event, ideally of the same looks as the renders.

Keep in mind that as part of the showcase submission you will be granting us the rights to use the photos you submit on our website as well as social media, so make sure you have the permissions to grant us this if they are not your own. We can watermark the photos with any copyright information required if needed.

Showcase reward program

We may choose any of the submitted showcases for additional promotion on our blog and on social media. Those who have their showcases chosen will receive a free upgrade to our next product release. For an example of a promoted showcase, see the blog post about Capture Nexum at the Voice of Holland.

Which showcases we choose for promotion is based on:

  • Its aesthetic qualities.
  • The availability of renders matching photos in terms of camera position and lighting looks.
  • Interesting and/or innovative usages of Capture.
  • Which specific Capture features were used.
  • The size of the show. We strive to maintain an interesting balance of varying show sizes.

Only showcases with renders made with the latest Capture product will be considered.