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2021-11-19 16:14

    “Is it Capture’s fault or am I missing something?”

    Imagine you are facing an issue and you are not sure if you should be doing something differently or if Capture misbehaves. It could be something unsupported in Capture, or that requires additional configuration. Then posting the issue in this community forum could result in someone else pointing you to the right direction and advise what you should do differently.

    If it turns out that it is Capture’s fault, then you should report it immediately through our dedicated support channels so as to get in touch with a Capture agent. Leaving a note that you reported it in the forum would also be helpful for other users following the post. Remember that although Capture agents browse the forum they will not engage in troubleshooting. Troubleshooting takes place only through the support emails in respect to our service times.

    Important: The forum is not a place to report bugs to Capture developers. If you are confident you are facing an issue and that it is Capture’s fault you should go straight to our dedicated support channels.

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