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1 Replies and 915 Views connect ma2 on pc with capture on macox
915 1 - Started by trinhtuan, last post from Vangelis Manolis
Hello everyone! My name Tuan,im live in vietnam.i had buy symphony capture,but i can&39;t conect ma2 on pc with capture on mac.please can you help me! Best regards! Thank !

1 Replies and 859 Views Mirror Ball Workaround
859 1 - Started by CVaughan, last post from Oz Perrenoud
Hey all, So I&39;m aware that mirror balls are sadly not possible in Capture at the moment - but I&39;ve seen a few people talk about their workarounds. Wanted to get a thread going collating people&39;s suggestions... I&39;ve seen some people post about using a sphere form with aluminium material for positioning - I&39;ve been using a Flah Butrym LED Ball Moving Head to recreate the effect of the beams, although it&39;s not the smoothest. What&39;s other people&39;s workarounds...

1 Replies and 90 Views Report by location for truss
90 1 - Started by Luminous, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
Hi all, i was wondering if it is posible so sort trusses based on there location.  example: 2 different truss ground supports in the same venue, but different sizes. Report now: Total of both GS. Can i split them With fixtures u can do this by Location. But trusses dont have that box. Greetings, Rob

0 Replies and 91 Views Replace 3D object for LED panel
91 0 - Started by HBonello, last post from 2022-06-06 19:29
Hello, I read the manual and watched the YouTube video about this topic and should work straight forward but I am not being able to accomplish: I have a series of 50x50cm 3D solids that I want to replace with LED panels to form an actual screen instead of just the model imported. I tried the Replace comand and then dragging a suitable LED panel from the library but I keep getting a crossed icon instead of the selection box become purple and the arrow indicating the item. I tried ...

0 Replies and 93 Views Export Fixture Data - To Wysiwyg
93 0 - Started by Guillaume, last post from 2022-05-26 13:37
Does anybody have a good procedure to export fixture data from Catpure and import them corectly into Wysiwyg I want to do my festival season with Capture and export MVR so everybody is happy, but i&39;m pretty sure some guys will ask me for an other solution than MVR... (you know, China, R44... ) I already run some test.  Correlation between Capture positions and Wysiwyg positions seems to work fine with "X right / Y far / Z up". But rotations are a total mess...

2 Replies and 90 Views Make multiple groups appear on Chamsys MagicQ
90 2 - Started by Lucaaa, last post from Lucaaa
Hello o/ How can I make it so that 2 groups that have the same type of fixtures appear separated in Chamsys MagicQ console Right now every head appear in the same group in the console despite being in different groups in Capture. How can I fix this This is what I mean: In the first picture you can see how it currently looks like, both groups inside one in MagicQ and I want to make it so the first box has group one and the second has group 2. How can...

4 Replies and 140 Views Change light color on scene change
140 4 - Started by Lucaaa, last post from Lucaaa
Hello o/ Is there a way to change the color of the same fixture&39;s light & where it&39;s looking at when the scene changes I have with some but it didn&39;t work, I can only change their location. If there is a way, how can I do it or where is there a guide Also, is it posible to play all the scenes (they appear one after each other automatically) to see how is it going Thank you! Lucaaa

1 Replies and 76 Views Timeline in video playback
76 1 - Started by Jeroen van der Linden, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
Is there a way to fast forward or choose a time in the video playback when connected to a beamer or screen.. Or maybe it&39;s a good one to add a timeline in the media tab under the video control for the next update. Kind regards,

1 Replies and 83 Views Custom Patch Profile for Light bar
83 1 - Started by Extreme123, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
I have 6 light bars in my venue that are very similar to the ADJ Mega Bar series but I can&39;t figure out exactly which one they are at all and have no info on them as I was not working here when they were first installed. It has 13 channels going RED, RED, RED, RED, GREEN, GREEN, GREEN, GREEN, BLUE, BLUE, BLUE, BLUE, Dimmer. Adding up to 13 channels. All fixtures I can find are either 12 or higher none are 13 and I haven&39;t been able to get a working fixture for this. Is there a way I...

3 Replies and 185 Views How to make glossy effect?
185 3 - Started by Bulbman, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
Hi how can i get glossy effect, but which will look very naturally with every shadows, reflection mirrors
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