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0 Replies and 2350 Views Rotating LED strip lights
2350 0 - Started by Flymo, last post from 2022-10-12 13:23
Hi there I have a some fixed LED strips (Viky LS315) that I have imported via MVR from Vectorworks. These are laid-out in a semi circle. Despite these being correctly tilted down in Vectorworks, they import facing out. All I want to do is tilt them all 90 degrees down together - exactly like a moving LED bar would do (say a GLP xbar 20). But given that the fixtures are arranged in semi-circle, i cant rotate them all with the rotate handle as most of these whould rotate on the screen...

1 Replies and 1053 Views How to patch and move camera via MagicQ
1053 1 - Started by Karol, last post from max
Hi all, Can somebody explain me how to patch the camera via MagicQ (or maby there is better way) to control it and make a simply project presentation I can easly patch the lighting units and control it via MagicQ but the camera patch is not working or Im doing something wrong Regards, Karol

2 Replies and 1044 Views Changing the Properties of Box on View Window.
1044 2 - Started by sashi kumar shan, last post from sashi kumar shan
Hi.  Is there possibilities for the user to change the dimensions of a Box or stage , on the view window itself by clicking and dragging it, instead of keying in the values under "Design Tab : Selected Items Tab." Thank you .  Kumar Shan

0 Replies and 2450 Views Rigging points that calculate weight?
2450 0 - Started by Daan, last post from 2022-08-16 16:38
Hi all, I was wondering something about the rigging point item. Is this item to be used as a way to show the riggers were the rigging points are, or can they be used to calculate the weight on that point in a truss or pipe There is a weight option in the properties tab of the rigging point, but default it is set to zero and you can enter a weight manually. Can you attach a rigging point to a truss or pipe in a way that it shows how much weight there is on that point on a truss Thanks ...

1 Replies and 1009 Views Naming truss?
1009 1 - Started by Erik Westerlund, last post from Lars Wernlund
Hi I&39;m new to Capture and I can&39;t find how to name a truss/pipe so that the name of the truss will show up as a fixtures location when hung on the truss in question. Please assist. Many thanks, Erik

1 Replies and 981 Views How to work with .EXR?
981 1 - Started by Roma Robot, last post from Lars Wernlund
How to render exr image with wide range When I try export to exr, I&39;ve got super exposure picture. Is there any additional settings for EXR Or that option doesn&39;t work yet It&39;s result. Actually on MACBook with XDR screen I can see real width range, but the render looks like fady. Is it possible to render image with pseudo wide range to open on the regular screens

1 Replies and 990 Views MVR fixtureID - MA3 import
990 1 - Started by David Abra, last post from Lars Wernlund
Is it posiable to set the Fixture-ID in capture so that when imported into MA3 it shows up I&39;ve tried setting unit,I&39;ve tried setting channel, but both to no avail. the having to exchange is mildly iritating but not knowing what fixture is what except by it&39;s patch is a real issue for me.   help please (if I&39;m missing something obvious please do just say so :) kindest regards to everyone on the forum Abra

0 Replies and 2384 Views MA1 connect
2384 0 - Started by Globalsetup, last post from 2022-07-29 22:58
Hello,  I need to connect a MA1 console to Capture for programming show. Can I connect the console How Artnet Or is it incompatible Thanks

0 Replies and 990 Views Light
990 0 - Started by, last post from 2022-07-04 21:20
Hello I have this problem: in live mode I only see the light on the left side (as in the photo - you can also see the position of the smoke). While in the rendering of the image it is right. Can you tell me why PS:smoke is okey (foto) Thank you

0 Replies and 1708 Views Lasers in Capture
1708 0 - Started by LightLab, last post from 2022-06-25 21:41
Hello, There is very little documentation or video on using lasers in Capture. I use Pangolin QuickShow which does not support visualization output (only QuickShow BEYOND does, at an $800 license). I have LPV Player which allows visuals, but I have no way to make or obtain more LPV files. I don&39;t need anything particularly complex, just some basic atmospheric cues that are pretty standard to most software. Can anyone help me get laser vizuals in Capture, or point me to where I could fi...
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