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2 Replies and 136 Views How to download capture mobile old version in iOS?
136 2 - Started by kimwida, last post from kimwida
Unfortunately, my capture mobile is updated to new version today. But I need 2021.1.9 version. Is there any chance to download it I am using iPad. :(

8 Replies and 875 Views Individual control of multiple lasers
875 8 - Started by Y.OKU, last post from Ben Robertson
Hi. I am a BEYOND user. There is no problem connecting BEYOND and capture. I want to visualize multiple lasers I don&39;t know the setting. BEYOND controls multiple lasers individually with a fixture number. There is a setting item that matches this number. Is there such a parameter All the Best. oku.

1 Replies and 140 Views Licence
140 1 - Started by Caroline rio, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
Hi,  I bought a licence today and i did not receice any email and licence. Nothing in my junk... Could you hep me please Thanks

1 Replies and 149 Views Auto moving camera and presentation mode?
149 1 - Started by r2square, last post from sk8
New to capture. I see a lot of folks using capture and while controlling the fixtures via an external DMX console, the camera moves in and out of the scene. The scene seems to be predented in fullscreen.  How can I achieve this Does Capture have a mode where I can have like a full screen live render including predefined camera movements

1 Replies and 127 Views Alpha Channel
127 1 - Started by Marios, last post from Vangelis Manolis
Hello ,  I am trying to use the alpha channel and cast shaddows with lights. My setup is:  Resolume Arena 7 (playing a vaideo with a green screen) -> NDI to capture -> Added a box in capture -> changed the depth to 0mm -> added a texture using the NDI feed with alpha to mask/blend and playing with the attribute but no luck so far.  I tried using different lights to cast the shaddow and i also tried the internal media server but this didn&39;t helped at all....

1 Replies and 107 Views import Pdf sur mac
107 1 - Started by Thierry, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
Hello, I create a Pdf with Apercu in mac. I don&39;t understand why some pdf it&39;s ok for import in Capture and other make an error Thanks.

1 Replies and 133 Views upgrade
133 1 - Started by newillumination, last post from Vangelis Manolis
can someone tell me how to upgrade my atlas version to 2021

0 Replies and 120 Views X-Laser XLERATE alternatives?
120 0 - Started by Matthias Ender, last post from 2022-02-01 02:33
In Capture you could simulate dmx controlled Lasers, which is great. So i got an X-Laser Skywriter HPX M2 to work by using XLERATE. Here is a tutorial: As DMX Controller I am using Soundswitch. Sadly it is difficult to get an X Laser in germany. So is there an alternative to this. For example an alternative software to dmx controlle for example an Cameo ioda 1000rgb

2 Replies and 353 Views Custom length diffused pixel strips?
353 2 - Started by Chris Moore, last post from Chris Moore
A lot of my installs use custom pixel work. What's the best approach to represent diffused strips Specifically, I have 80x 4m RGBW strips with 80 pixels each over sACN. Is there a method of doing diffusion in general for things like rear-screen projection

1 Replies and 121 Views Render texture generator material
121 1 - Started by Alex, last post from Alex
Is it possible to capture texture generators controlled via DMX in movie snapshots Just figured after rendering that my custom drum riser doesn&39;t seem to have been recorded. Cheers
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