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2 Replies and 4703 Views import jpeg
4703 2 - Started by Deleted User, last post from Deleted User
Hello... I would want know the procedure to import a JPEG file.The same manipulation as for an import of file dwg is it.This JPEG file is intended to serve as texture for walls and groundsthanks a lot

2 Replies and 4653 Views how to import dxf o dwg
4653 2 - Started by Deleted User, last post from Lars Wernlund
Hello, I possede the complete version of capture polar 2.37, and I work on mac osx10.6 I do not arrive import my plant dxf.Which is the procedure to import these plans. Open. Extract. thanks

3 Replies and 6092 Views Automatic on truss
6092 3 - Started by Pat, last post from Lars Wernlund
Hello Lars, If you have a fixture and move this it is red. Now I have a problem because if you move it to close to the truss it turns to magenta sticks and on the truss or changes position etc etc. Can you set this function off and where Regards, Pat

1 Replies and 4249 Views Sphere and materials
4249 1 - Started by Wlodek Duval, last post from Lars Wernlund
Hi, Is it possible to add materials to sphere regards wd

1 Replies and 4512 Views DXF Import from Vectorworks
4512 1 - Started by MSachs, last post from Lars Wernlund
I am having no luck importing from Vectorworks, no matter what format of DFX I save. I keep getting an error that reads, ' A file access error occurred. More details can be found in the "Session.logquot; file.' I also cannot find this supposed file. I am running on a MacBook Pro OS 10.5.7. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

5 Replies and 10444 Views Just a few questions
10444 5 - Started by sama_ray, last post from Lars Wernlund
Hej, I'm wondering if it is possible to bring two separate CAD files into the same project also, if it is possible to orbit around a selected object in a large scene Many thanks Ray

4 Replies and 7749 Views 3D Connexion in External View
7749 4 - Started by koenv, last post from Lars Wernlund
Hi Capture, I use capture now with for a few months wit a 3d connection Pilot navigation mouse. That works mutch faster!!! Bit my 3d connection navigation device dosn't work on external screens with capture. Can you fix that. ThanksKoen ps: there is a foult in the new manual on page 26: The version of capture isn't correct. 1.12 -> 1.20

4 Replies and 6593 Views Some newbie questions
6593 4 - Started by Saitec, last post from Lars Wernlund
Hi , I've downloaded the demo of Capture Polar and ETC SmartSoft. I have added a Generic PAR 64. But when I set intensity in SmartSoft to 100 I get a light point on the floor, but not the beam.. how can I make the beam visible And can anybody explain me how to make a show in SmartSoft I made memories, but how can I play them And how play it to music .. I hope anybody can help me Regards,

3 Replies and 5768 Views Media-server
5768 3 - Started by Jacob, last post from Lars Wernlund
Hi capture users... i'm new capture user, i just downloaded the demo to try it...and i got 2 questions 1. how do i connect my media-server, i use arkaos 2. how do i use a y-z mover please guide me thruogh Hope to get some help Best regards Jacob

2 Replies and 6450 Views Sphere Lanterns
6450 2 - Started by Tim Plinth, last post from Vangelis Manolis
Hi,I thought I'd post this to the forum in case someone else is looking to do a similar effect in the future.I am wanting to visualise some fixtures which are large sphere shaped lanterns that are lit with RGB from the inside. How can I roughly visualise this in CaptureI can create a semi-transparent sphere, but finding a fixture to place in side is tricky.Any help would be appreciated.
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