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295 0 - Started by Lars Wernlund, last post from 2021-11-23 09:21
Use the search function to see if someone has already posted the same request. If you find a variation of your proposed solution to a problem, reply to that post instead of making a new post. If you like a feature request, hit the like button instead of replying that you do. Don’t post lists of requests - make one post per feature request. We may engage with you and discuss the request if we want to understand it better, but don’t expect us to reply to all feature requests. ...

0 Replies and 13 Views fixture mode in univers tab
13 0 - Started by Luiz Paulo Peixoto, last post from 2022-09-20 23:18
it would be great if I could select several fixtures and be able to change the parameters of all of them in the universes tab at the same time, today we only modify one fixture at a time. it would be something like clicking on a parameter of a fixture modifies only this one and with the shift pressed we modify all the selected ones

0 Replies and 18 Views Camera position Update after changing numerical value in properties
18 0 - Started by Theo Cox, last post from 2022-09-08 07:38
Hello Capture, With Camera 2022: I would like to be able to update a camera position after modifying the camera&39;s position by changing numerical value in it&39;s properties (ie set the camera height to an exact value) eg: Select a Camera Position Select the camera, adjust something in Selected Item properties Attempt to update the position: seems it&39;s not possible to do so, as right clicking on the Camera Position now reselects it rather than giving the Update option. ...

2 Replies and 91 Views Import mvr - new universe problem/bug
91 2 - Started by DRW, last post from DRW
Hi! There&39;s small but annoying bug/problem with mvr import. If mvr have more universes than Your c2p file, new universes are not adding automaticly so in the end, fixtures are importing without patch informations.  Of course You can add universes first and then import mvr but its annoying.

1 Replies and 94 Views Sequential menu….
94 1 - Started by Dreamster Design, last post from Ofer Brum
I find myself inputing data multiple times when using the Sequential menu item. It would be good if there was a sequential pop up that I could set Unit/Channel etc and patch address all in same window, rather than into sequential unit, then channel and then patch address…. I think it would save time greatly ….Otis there a way already I don’t know. Thanks Craig Dreamster Design

1 Replies and 82 Views Import floor plan JPG file
82 1 - Started by Hematat Tongsup, last post from Omar86
Hi I would like to have a feature import floor plan in JPG file as well as in wysiwyg because I recentiy switched to capture and I still want to use this feature, thanhs.

3 Replies and 126 Views Location property in cable
126 3 - Started by jwbosch_werk, last post from Lars Wernlund
Hello, I&39;m very pleased that cabling is included in 2022. I&39;m just missing a thing for reporting: The location property. The reason I&39;d like to have it is to have a geeral tool to divide the cabling per object to build, so we can assist the builders of the rig in what they need on that object to complete it.

0 Replies and 49 Views special fx Explo Wave flames X2
49 0 - Started by kristofbl, last post from 2022-07-27 16:55
is there any possibility this will be added in the future I think it would be stupid if i needed to buy depence for only simulating these fixtures...

0 Replies and 59 Views Support for the new Specifications in MVR
59 0 - Started by Andreas, last post from 2022-07-27 14:14
MVR just recently changed a bit and they now use GLTF for 3D Objects and no longer obj. As Capture already supports GLTF and MVR it should be really easy to support the new format already in 2022.

0 Replies and 57 Views Symbol Configurator Suggestions
57 0 - Started by Daarrgh, last post from 2022-07-22 10:08
Re-ordering of symbols. Scaling of symbols to match plots. I use custom symbols and sometimes use the same symbol for multiple fixtures but with different symbol scales in plot view. I would like the symbol configurator to match this.
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