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1430 0 - Started by Lars Wernlund, last post from 2021-11-23 09:21
Use the search function to see if someone has already posted the same request. If you find a variation of your proposed solution to a problem, reply to that post instead of making a new post. If you like a feature request, hit the like button instead of replying that you do. Don’t post lists of requests - make one post per feature request. We may engage with you and discuss the request if we want to understand it better, but don’t expect us to reply to all feature requests. ...

0 Replies and 3 Views Inventory
3 0 - Started by Jim Smagata, last post from 2024-02-22 13:51
Hi. I was wondering if it would be possible to add an "inventory" of instruments to a venue. Say I work at the same venue a lot, and they haven&39;t updated their inventory of instruments in a long time. Could I add, say, a Strand SL 19 degree fixture, and then add the number available,for example "6-Strand SL19degree". As the instruments are layed into the plot, the inventory goes down, and when the last one is used, a popup says "Hey, you have none of these left"...

0 Replies and 14 Views Symbol Key Configuration window
14 0 - Started by Ofer Brum, last post from 2024-02-20 19:10
Hello folks, Working extensively in theatre enviroment, I would like to suggest some enhanc,ents, to the Symbol Key Configuration window: Can we have an Auto Reload feature, so we don&39;t need to reload the table, upon every related change done in the project Reload used symbols issues: The order of entire table is lost, upon every reload action.. This is a very time consuming matter.. Both the need of having to reload the table again and again, and reordering the entire table...

0 Replies and 18 Views See fixture orientation in Solid Mode
18 0 - Started by Aljoscha Kiss, last post from 2024-02-20 05:49
For renderings it would be great to be able to show the fixture orientation in the custom mode. Like a mixture of solid and live would be necessary. At the moment this is just possible in the wireframe view, which is usually to cluttered with lines to be able to represent the design.

0 Replies and 25 Views Change XYZ coordinates with mouse wheel
25 0 - Started by Vendetta69, last post from 2024-02-18 15:27
Hello, i would like to change the XYZ coordinates with the mousewheel, and also align them in a row with the same distance between them, like on this video:

2 Replies and 43 Views Disable 'Unit' property on truss annotations
43 2 - Started by VirgileVP, last post from VirgileVP
Hi :) This feature request is about annotations on trusses. I often use the "unit" property on my trusses for my reports. I also use annotations for my plots. But I would like to hide the value of the "unit" in my plots. Maybe add something like this in plot annotation settings. Thanks

1 Replies and 59 Views Vertical fogs / Cold Sparkles
59 1 - Started by GeNeTiC, last post from Eduardo Vivas Blandon
Hello, I am currently prepairing a show where vertical fogs (ADJ Fury Jett to be precise) and cold sparkles machines (Sparkular) are required. Is there any possibility to make those work in Capture Even though ADJ Fury Jett is present among fixtures, the only part of it that works is its lighting module, not the fog. I need to mimic CO here but with correct fade in curve (which is slower than CO itself and with a dimmer possibility - so I can’t use the CO module here). Similar goes to ...

0 Replies and 20 Views Fixture import of exported data
20 0 - Started by mpettit, last post from 2024-02-17 11:41
We have come up against an issue when transferring fixture data between capture files, whereby we can export all fixture data including filters/GOBOs but when we import the file exported, we have no option of importing these fields

0 Replies and 33 Views Advanced Graphics and Rendering Features
33 0 - Started by Alex, last post from 2024-02-16 17:05
Hi, Would it possible to add better graphics and rendering features in the next updates That would mean more realistic indirect lighting, better shadows and ambient occlusion, (maybe RTX), higher resolution renderings above 4K, postFX like lens flares, add cameras in the viewport with a path option and also maybe create a timeline feature for animating objects, triggering specific lighting scenes and moving cameras. Thant would be all really nice to have and a must because PC are stron...

0 Replies and 26 Views Keywords in Reports
26 0 - Started by Floriaan, last post from 2024-02-15 10:02
Could you add the use of Special keywords in Reports. You can add text in the text field, but if you want to add special keywords, the code is inserted as is. Inserting: $(DrawingVersion) for instance does not work. The request is that it puts the version number from the Project Properties in the text field.
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