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Capture Atlas released

We are pleased to announce that Capture Atlas has now been released and is available for download as well as purchase on our web site!

The main new features of Capture Atlas are physical based rendering and new design view behaviour.

Announcing the release of Capture Atlas

In May we will be releasing a new version of Capture named Capture Atlas, full of exciting new features, along with a new and more flexible product structure!

With Capture Atlas our product structure will change and become production size-based instead, with all Capture's features available in all our editions.

Making the shift to 64 bits

We are currently working on embracing the future and are transforming Capture to a 64-bit application in time for the upcoming version 22 release. You may argue that it's not the future as much as the present already, but with half our users running Capture on Windows we had to wait until the statistics worked in our favour as we don't have the resources to maintain both 32-bit and 64-bit distributions. While the first 64-bit version of Windows came some 15 years ago with Windows XP, adaptation has been slow.