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Announcing the release of Capture Nexum

The 24th of April we will be releasing version 23 of Capture, named Capture Nexum. "Nexum" is latin for "the location where many things connect", something that relates to the various workflow and connectivity additions and improvements of Capture Nexum.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft are currently rolling out the so called Windows 10 Anniversary Update to all Windows 10 users. Unfortunately we have discovered that the Anniversary Update can cause Capture to freeze in such a way that you have to terminate it by force, ultimately loosing any unsaved work.

Capture Atlas Student Edition released

We are pleased to announce that the Student Edition of Capture Atlas has now been released and is available for download on our web site!

The main new features of Student Edition of Capture Atlas are physical based rendering, new design view behaviour and complete access to Capture's paperwork functionality.

LMP new Capture dealers in Germany

We are please to announce that since the 1st of May, LMP have taken over the dealership of Capture in Germany.

LMP, founded in 1980, is a well known company based in the north west of Germany. They service all of Germany with with a rich product portfolie, including products from popular brands such as ArKaos, EntTec, High End Systems, LSC Lighting and Visual Productions that all integrate very well with Capture.