Capture Atlas Student Edition released

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We are pleased to announce that the Student Edition of Capture Atlas has now been released and is available for download on our web site!

New Capture Atlas features
The main new features of Capture Atlas are physical based rendering and new design view behaviour, which you can read more about in the following blog posts:
Physically based rendering in Capture Atlas
New design views in Capture Atlas

For an overview of all new features of Capture Atlas, please read:
Key features of Capture Atlas

Changes in the Student Edition
The Student Edition of Capture Atlas also introduces several new features that were not previously available. Student Edition users will now be able to make use of all the paperwork functionality of Capture; the Plot mode of views, the ability to make plot-only position adjustments, measurement capabilities, the creation and layout of the actual plots as well as the production of reports. In addition, the ability to play back one local video file, receiving one streaming video or laser feed as well as using up to 10 water jets has also been made available.

Minimum requirements

Capture Atlas offers new rendering settings that allow for greater flexibility of rendering quality vs. performance and does not introduce any new hardware requirements as compared to Capture Argo.

In order to run Capture Atlas on Mac OS X, version 10.9 or higher is required. For Windows, a 64-bit installation of Windows 7 or higher is required.

Argo and Polar compatibility
Project files made with the Student Edition of Capture Polar and Capture Argo open right away in the Student Edition of Capture Atlas. Project files created (or resaved) in the Student Edition of Capture Atlas cannot be opened in the Student Editions of neither Capture Polar nor Capture Argo though.

Partner licenses