Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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Microsoft are currently rolling out the so called Windows 10 Anniversary Update to all Windows 10 users. Unfortunately we have discovered that the Anniversary Update can cause Capture to freeze in such a way that you have to terminate it by force, ultimately loosing any unsaved work.

Specifically, this is the sequence of operations that cause Capture to freeze:

  • Have any of the three design views focused.
  • Activate the Capture window menu (for keyboard navigation) by pressing the Alt key.
  • Either: click in the design view previously focused,
    or: press the Ctrl key.

We are currently working on eliciting a response from Microsoft with regard to this issue, but suspect that even if we manage to do so, it may take a while until Microsoft are able to distribute a patch that resolves the issue. While the issue is not Capture specific in any way, it only affects applications that operate in a certain and probably rather uncommon way.

In the event that Microsoft does not address the problem we will be forced to rearchitect some components of Capture's user interface in order to work around the problem. We do not yet have any estimate on how much time this would require.

Updates will follow, but in the meanwhile we would recommend all users to postpone the installation of the Anniversary Update, also known as "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607". In the event that you have already installed it, be careful to avoid accidental use of the Alt key.