MVR fixtureID - MA3 import
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2022-08-01 11:19

    Is it posiable to set the Fixture-ID in capture so that when imported into MA3 it shows up?

    I've tried setting unit,I've tried setting channel, but both to no avail.

    the having to exchange is mildly iritating but not knowing what fixture is what except by it's patch is a real issue for me.  

    help please (if I'm missing something obvious please do just say so :)

    kindest regards to everyone on the forum


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    2022-08-08 09:05


    We have updated the MVR Model Export section of the reference manual to include information on how MVR fields are used. You may have to consult with MA on how these fields are then imported into MA3 but both the Unit and Channel properties are included.

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