Colour picker in 2022.0.23
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2022-05-30 08:34

    As some of you may have noticed, and as you could read in the revision history, there was a change to the colour picker on macOS with Capture 2022.0.23.

    Summary - The native colour picker of macOS is no longer being used and it is not coming back. We will be working on improving the new one more and then bringing it to both Mac and Windows in Capture 2023.

    Background - It turns out that the way we were using the colour picker (modally - blocking the application until you close it) is actually not supported by macOS (this was not mentioned in the documentation). As a result it was frequently crashing when trying to define your own colours. Apple's engineers could not provide a solution to this apart from "don't use the colour picker this way". Unfortunately that would require some major internal changes.

    Change - Our only viable option at this point was a panic rollout of an emergency solution that ensures that no-one looses their work when using the colour picker. It's not ideal, but the best we could do under the circumstances.

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