Capture 2022 revision history

The first release of Capture 2022 was version 2022.0.17, the 8th of March 2022.

Version 2022.0.20, released the 12th April 2022
Model Import
Capture project navigator visibility settings are now ignored in model import window.
Model Export
Exporting models to glTF or GLB could cause crashes with troubled models.
Aperture Rendering
Aperture rendering and bloom could appear broken on Macs with Intel GPUs.
Mirroring was enabled by mistake when individual groups in objects were selected, possibly leading to objects disppearing.
Equipment Reports
New equipment reports included an invalid column that prevented cables from being shown. (This needs to be removed from existing reports, or have the equipment report recreated.)
Windows Locations
Window locations were not remembered correctly.
Fixture Data Export
The filter option was not applied correctly in fixture data export.
There were rendering issues with omnidirectional lights on macOS.
View Navigator
Changing the View Navigator option did not always refresh the view.
Dialog Placement
Dialogs (such as Transform or Duplicate) always opened on the main display on macOS.
Search Fields
Fixture and library tab search fields did not scroll with entered text.
Version 2022.0.19, released the 25th March 2022
Open Project
Capture could freeze when opening project files with patched cameras.
Camera Changes
Capture could crash when triggering camera changes over DMX.
View Panoration
It was not possible to toggle panoration on and off while navigating using a touchpad.
Chopppy Navigation
View updates were choppy when navigating on Mac.
Version 2022.0.18, released the 18th March 2022
Truss Snapping
Trusses could vanish when snapped to line snappers.
SketchUp Import
Importing SketchUp files could malfunction on Windows.
DWG Export
Exporting to DWG could result in crashes.
Flame Jets
Flame jets occasionally visualised as pure white.
Distance Measures
Selection of the start point of cumulative distance measures did not work well.
Prism Effects
Visualisation of prism effects was broken.
Beam Edges
The edges of beams could look noisy.
Undocked Windows
Undocked windows lost their window titles.
Group Center
Excessive amounts of group centers rendered in groups containing groups.
Student Edition
It was not possible to open project files in the Student Edition unless the library had been installed.
Aperture Location
Apertures could render at incorrect locations.
Strobe Control
The visualisation of strobe with secondary speed control could malfunction.

For older versions of Capture, see the Capture 2021 revision history.


Capture fixes and changes have been categorized as follows:

Major bug fixes
Minor bug fixes