Capture 2022 revision history

The first release of Capture 2022 was version 2022.0.17, the 8th of March 2022.

Version 2022.0.30, released the 3rd February 2023
Recording Snapshots
Causing changes to the list of snapshots while editing the name of a snapshot caused a crash.
MVR Export
The UnitNumber field was exported as empty when no number was available.
The brightness of omnidirectional fixtures in renders was wrong.
The configuration dialog for MA-Net2 opened up too small.
Version 2022.0.29, released the 30th November 2022
glTF Export
The glTF asset generator property now includes the full Capture version number.
glTF Export
Control characters in fields in the CAPTURE_model extension were not escaped, causing invalid glTF files.
Model Import
File paths in 3DS and OBJ files including folder separators (/, \) needed to match the system standard separator.
Version 2022.0.28, released the 14th November 2022
Administrative Install
Administrative key file installation could crash.
Version 2022.0.27, released the 4th November 2022
Exporting Polygons
Exporting polygons without an extrusion to glTF lead to a crash.
Expression Editing
Entering "(1" as an expression when editing dimensions caused a crash.
Exiting Capture while connected to ETC Eos using OSC could lead to Capture hanging.
Laser Beams
Laser beams could glitch or disappear under certain circumstances.
Media Content
Locally played back or streaming media could freeze up if assigned to both materials and video projectors.
Project Export
Exporting projects with plot frames to Capture Argo would fail.
Shadow Artefacts
Shadow artefacts could occasionally be seen when zooming.
Fixture Annotations
Annotations of fixtures not using symbols could become hidden by the fixture.
DWG Export
Exporting objects with names that differ only in case lead to failure.
DWG Import
Importing DWG files with scaling block references could lead to inconsistencies.
Direction Snap
Setting the direction snap of a fixture to 0 still produced a snapping result.
Multi Patch
Changing modes of fixtures with multiple patch modes could produce odd DMX response behaviour.
Fixture Strobe
Fixtures with specific strobing behaviour responded incorrectly to the control pane.
Imperial Measures
Zero values would be shown in metres when using imperial measurements.
View Zooming
When FoV-zooming a view, other views did not update.
Donut Apertures
Donut apertures rendered with a small gap.
Quick Information
The wattage showin in the quick information window did not include report items.
Version 2022.0.26, released the 11th August 2022
Colour Picker
The new colour picker on macOS could end up partially outside the screen, making it impossible to close.
Location Property
Manually entered location information for cables and LED panels was not saved.
Emissive Materials
Rendering of objects with emissive materials could appear glitchy under specific circumstances.
Version 2022.0.25, released the 4th July 2022
Colour Picker
The colour picker on macOS has been enhanced with an HSV mode and a colour palette.
MVR Import
Importing MVR files with other than 3DS geometry content now warns that this is not supported.
There were decimal separator inconsistencies between different measurement unit options.
Cable Location
The location displayed for cables was sometimes incorrect.
Dual Patch
Filters did not apply correctly to dual patch fixtures when only one patch point was in use.
Version 2022.0.24, released the 7th June 2022
Cable Location
The location property has been added to cable objects.
Movie Rendering
Rendering movies to EXR did not work on Mac.
Auto Quality
Automatic visualisation quality exhibited erratic behaviour on some Windows systems.
MVR Import/Export
Fixture orientations did not conform to stipulated GDTF fixture orientations when exporting and importing MVR files.
Pixel Tubes
The whole aperture failed to render for pixel tubes shorter than 1m.
Movie Rendering
Bitrate options did not adjust properly for other than 25 fps frame rates.
Laser Visualisation
Artefacts could sometimes be seen in laser projector beams.
Version 2022.0.23, released the 20th May 2022
Open Project
Reduced the time it takes to open project files with many fixture groups.
Annotation Selection
It has been made easier to select annotations using Ctrl/Cmd + drag select.
Prism Facets
Increased maximum number of supported prism facets to 72.
Video Projections
The resolution of video projects has been increased.
Colour Picker
Defining custom colours in the (non material) colour picker could cases crashes on macOS. The system colour picker has been replaced with a new custom colour picker.
File Types
Capture c2p and c2s were not correctly associated with Capture on macOS.
Fixture Update
Updating effect fixtures with new library definitions caused them to loose some properties.
The Delete and Break Group commands were incorrectly available in groups with only one remaining object.
Snapshots Naming
The text input box used for entering new snapshot names was transparent in Dark Mode on macOS.
Version 2022.0.20, released the 12th April 2022
Model Import
Capture project navigator visibility settings are now ignored in model import window.
Model Export
Exporting models to glTF or GLB could cause crashes with troubled models.
Aperture Rendering
Aperture rendering and bloom could appear broken on Macs with Intel GPUs.
Mirroring was enabled by mistake when individual groups in objects were selected, possibly leading to objects disppearing.
Equipment Reports
New equipment reports included an invalid column that prevented cables from being shown. (This needs to be removed from existing reports, or have the equipment report recreated.)
Windows Locations
Window locations were not remembered correctly.
Fixture Data Export
The filter option was not applied correctly in fixture data export.
There were rendering issues with omnidirectional lights on macOS.
View Navigator
Changing the View Navigator option did not always refresh the view.
Dialog Placement
Dialogs (such as Transform or Duplicate) always opened on the main display on macOS.
Search Fields
Fixture and library tab search fields did not scroll with entered text.
Version 2022.0.19, released the 25th March 2022
Open Project
Capture could freeze when opening project files with patched cameras.
Camera Changes
Capture could crash when triggering camera changes over DMX.
View Panoration
It was not possible to toggle panoration on and off while navigating using a touchpad.
Chopppy Navigation
View updates were choppy when navigating on Mac.
Version 2022.0.18, released the 18th March 2022
Truss Snapping
Trusses could vanish when snapped to line snappers.
SketchUp Import
Importing SketchUp files could malfunction on Windows.
DWG Export
Exporting to DWG could result in crashes.
Flame Jets
Flame jets occasionally visualised as pure white.
Distance Measures
Selection of the start point of cumulative distance measures did not work well.
Prism Effects
Visualisation of prism effects was broken.
Beam Edges
The edges of beams could look noisy.
Undocked Windows
Undocked windows lost their window titles.
Group Center
Excessive amounts of group centers rendered in groups containing groups.
Student Edition
It was not possible to open project files in the Student Edition unless the library had been installed.
Aperture Location
Apertures could render at incorrect locations.
Strobe Control
The visualisation of strobe with secondary speed control could malfunction.

For older versions of Capture, see the Capture 2021 revision history.


Capture fixes and changes have been categorized as follows:

Major bug fixes
Minor bug fixes