Capture 2021 revision history

The first release of Capture 2021 was version 2021.0.31, the 9th of March 2021.

Version 2021.1.7, released the 17th September 2021
DWG Export
Exporting layers with the apostrophes in the name resulted in an internal error.
CTC Visualisation
Some fixtures with CTC channels visualised incorrectly.
Blackout Filters
Fixtures with blackout filters caused rendering issues.
MVR Import
Focus points were not processed, resulting in loss of focusing information for conventionals.
Version 2021.1.6, released the 8th July 2021
Colour Mixing
Colour mixing fixtures with HSV control could cause Capture to freeze.
Colour Mixing
Colour mixing and dimming omnidirectional fixtures was not possible.
Version 2021.1.5, released the 1st July 2021
Beam Resolution
The resolution of beams has been improved when using the "Automatic, favour quality" visualisation quality setting.
Colour Mixing
Mixing colours of some RGB and WRGB fixtures with the control pane produced odd results.
Ambient Occlusion
The screen-space ambient occlusion was noisy at high ambient lighting levels.
Version 2021.1.4, released the 15th June 2021
Support for MA-Net3 and the MA3 viz-key.
Silicon NDI
Added support for NDI on Apple Silicon.
Colour Mixing
Improved control or multi-layer multi-aperture colour mixing fixtures.
Fixture Group Report
Added unit and circuit columns to the fixture groups report table source.
Windows Integrity
Added verification of Windows TDR registry key integrity.
Cancelling the project save dialog on Quit on macOS lead to a crash.
Beam Rendering
The lighting output from rectangular single-aperture fixtures was cut off.
Beam Rendering
Beams did not render correctly behind alpha channel textured objects.
Luminous Objects
The edges of luminous objects could occasionally be seen through other non-luminous objects.
Water Jets
The number of water jets patchable was incorrectly limited in the Solo, Duet and Quartet editions.
DWG Export
Exporting project files with layer names ending with underscores and numbers, ie. "_2", could lead to internal errors.
Version 2021.0.39, released the 12th May 2021
Model Import
Importing objects with partial tangent data could lead to a crash.
Reflection Planes
Rendering designs with reflection planes could lead to a crash.
Importing mirrored objects lead to rendering issues.
Version 2021.0.38, released the 6th May 2021
Capture could crash when a console disconnected, as well as on exit if a console was still connected.
Fixture Information
The Fixture Information layer property did not work.
Reflection Planes
There were various issues with reflection planes when rendering.
There were various issues with emissive and reflective materials, both in visualisation and rendering.
In project with large amounts of objects, some objects could become impossible to select.
Several dialogs opened too small for the entire contents to be visible.
Exiting the demo version after it had timed out lead to a crash.
Version 2021.0.37, released the 22nd April 2021
General performance improvements in visualisation.
Capture could crash when removing or modifying materials.
Fixture Control
When controlling fixtures with multiple patch points it was possibly to access functionality from patch points that had not been patched.
Measurement handles lost their layer assignment when reopening a project.
Reflection Planes
Reflection planes associated with a motion fixtures did not in fact respond to it.
In designs with large amounts of objects some objects could become unselectable.
Movie Rendering
When rendering movies, video player and media stream frames could fall out if each frame took too long to render.
Imported Objects
When moving a camera close to imported objects they could occasionally disappear as specific positions.
Plot annotations with the Visibility property set to No became visible in views with the Hidden Objects option set to Yes.
Vortex Effect
The vortex effect available in some fixtures did not render correctly on Mac.
Version 2021.0.35, released the 1st April 2021
Line Weight
The minimum line weight of layers has been reduced to 0.1 pt.
Line Rendering
Capture could hang when rendering the new line object.
Beam Rendering
Beams could appear degenerate in some quality settings, especially with breakup gobos and wide beams.
Effect Rendering
Flame and CO2 effects could render "choppily" if the computer had been on without a restart for long.
Version 2021.0.34, released the 23rd March 2021
Reduced TDR sensitivity (likelihood of video card timeouts) when rendering.
Viewing reports from old projects files or removing columns in reports could lead to crashes.
Presentations failed fail to start on macOS.
DWG Export
Exporting projects with multiple objects with the same drawing name to DWG could fail with an internal error.
MVR Files
Channel information field mapping changed from FixtureId to FixtureID.
Special Effects
Control over special effect parameters in the control pane could be lost when changing DMX modes.
Version 2021.0.33, released the 14th March 2021
Visualisation automatic quality and performance enhancements.
Polygon Form
Changing the extrusion to or from 0 could cause a crash.
glTF Export
Material alpha mask cutoff was exported regardless of alpha mode.
MVR Import
Fixtures could be patched on the wrong universes.
MVR Export
Some fixture types could result in broken MVR exports.
MVR Export
The MVR Unit Number field could be exported with non-digit characters.
Depth variation artefacts in multi-aperture fixture beams have been reduced.
Opening project files saved in Capture Argo could fail.
Version 2021.0.32, released the 9th March 2021
Some software dependencies were not installed correctly, causing Capture to not start on some machines.
Student Edition
Saving projects files in the Student Edition lead to a crash.

For older versions of Capture, see the Capture 2020 revision history.


Capture fixes and changes have been categorized as follows:

Major bug fixes
Minor bug fixes