Capture 2020 revision history

The first release of Capture 2020 was version 2020.0.28, the 10th of March 2020.

Version 2020.0.55, released the 2nd March 2021
Open Project
Opening older project files with old fixture definitions could lead to a crash.
Version 2020.0.54, released the 8th January 2021
The automatic quality restrictions for Macs with some AMD GPU's have been lifted provided that macOS 11.1 or later is used.
Broken Files
Capture could hang when loading broken project files.
Plot Snapping
Snapping of plot insets malfunctioned under specific circumstances.
Glitches in the screen-space ambient occlusion could be seen in lower rendering qualities.
Version 2020.0.53, released the 3rd December 2020
Compulite VC
Support for Compulite VC as external DMX source for CITP universes.
Laser Feeds
Support for encrypted CITP/CAEX laser feeds.
Snapshot Rendering
A DMX frame could occasionally be omitted when during movie snapshot rendering.
macOS Stability
Capture could potentially crash on startup for users with international characters in their user names.
Version 2020.0.51, released the 27th October 2020
Mac Intel
Lifted restrictions on Intel GPUs on macOS.
Video Panels
Improved the quality of video on panels.
Version 2020.0.48, released the 21st September 2020
Fixture Patch
Fixtures patched on invalid DMX addresses could cause crashes.
Reflection Planes
Beams could render at incorrect locations in reflection planes under very specific circumstances.
Fill Lighting
Fill lighting could not be completely turned off without being set to 0%.
Version 2020.0.47, released the 28th August 2020
Pixel Tubes
The "Throws Light" property has been enabled for pixel tube fixtures so that they can be removed from the fill lighting effect.
Windows Resizing
Resizing plot and universe editors could cause Capture to hang on Windows.
Emissive Materials
Emissive materials did not render correctly for some GPUs on macOS 10.14.
Fixture Focusing
Focusing of some multi-part fixtures behaved incorrectly.
Version 2020.0.45, released the 3rd July 2020
Support for CITP CAEX revision F.
Version 2020.0.44, released the 26th June 2020
Shadow Quality
The quality of shadows for multi-aperture fixtures has been increased.
Capture could hang or crash on exit if failing to connect to an Eos console.
Capture could crash on exit if another project file was opened in the Explorer on Windows before it had finished exiting.
Mapping Regions
It was not possible to input 0 offsets for mapping regions.
Console Patch
Patch information could linger across different shows.
Console Patch
The position and orientation of fixtures not yet patched could be lost under specific circumstances.
Version 2020.0.42, released the 28th May 2020
Frame list report contents were incorrect.
Undocked Views
Commands could become incorrectly available or unavailable in undocked views on macOS.
Quick Focus
The quick focus (right click) tool always took focus planes into account.
Fill Lighting
The fill lighting effect responded incorrectly to some zooming fixtures.
Version 2020.0.41, released the 8th May 2020
Capture could crash if no smoke was present.
Version 2020.0.40, released the 7th May 2020
Deleting all sources from a report would cause Capture to crash.
Reflection Planes
Objects using self illuminated materials could be seen from the wrong side of reflection planes.
Colour Mixing
Some types of RGB colour mixing fixtures visualised very dark.
Laser Projections
Laser projections could not be seen on transparent surfaces.
Plot Editing
Navigating plot view insets was very slow.
International Chars
Many international characters did not show on plots on macOS.
Shutter Control
Opening the shutter of some multi-cell fixtures using the control pane could cause some cells to strobe.
Aperture Vis.
Apertures of large (typically panel) fixtures did not visualise properly at large distances.
Fill Lighting
Atmospheric fill lighting from fixtures without beams did not render unless some fixtures with beams were on.
Laser Rendering
Lasers did not appear in renders.
Fixture Focusing
Focusing fixtures with 3D models that do not tilt upwards when pan is homed caused focusing offsets.
Version 2020.0.37, released the 28th April 2020
Capture could stop saving files after a while if an IP address was configured for an Eos that did not exist or Capture could not connect to.
Patched Smoke
Capture could hang when receiving DMX for patched smoke boxes.
Annotations of imported objects could appear in incorrect locations.
Version 2020.0.36, released the 21st April 2020
Automatic Quality
Quality favouring automatic rendering quality has been adjusted to trade framerate for quality to a higher extent.
Art-Net & sACN
Art-Net and sACN universes disappearing could cause Capture to hang.
HDR Rendering
Rendering to HDR EXR files could cause Capture to crash.
Camera Patch
Making project modifications while cameras are patched could cause Capture to crash or hang.
Drag & Drop
Certain aborted drag and drop operations could cause Capture to hang.
DWG Import
Importing DWG file with broken material references could cause Capture to crash.
Movie Rendering
It was possible to render a movie snapshot while playing it back which could cause camera position flickering in the rendered output.
Fixture Patch
Patching grouped fixtures using drag and drop could skip the grouped fixtures.
Some fixtures rendered with incorrect colours and colour banding.
glTF Import
The KHR_texture_transform extension was not handled correctly.
Version 2020.0.33, released the 9th April 2020
Panel Location
It is now possible to edit the location property of LED panels.
Rigging Points
The maximum weight of rigging points has been increased to 50 tonnes.
Render Quality
Offline renders did not force multi-aperture fixtures to render with individual apertures.
Model Import
Closing Capture with open model import windows would lead to a crash.
Capture could hang while connected to Eos.
Framing Shutters
Changing the external accessory of a fixture with framing shutter cuts would reset the shutter cuts.
Report Items
The multiplier property of report items did not reflect properly in reports.
Version 2020.0.30, released the 26th March 2020
Improved performance of colour mixing fixture visualisation.
Beam Quality
Improved quality of beams in lower resolutions.
Shutting down Eos could cause Capture to crash.
Model Import
Importing models with textures larger than 8192 x 8192 pixels could cause Capture to crash.
Keyboard shortcuts did not work for commands in the Edit menu.
Intensity Scaling
The intensity scaling property of fixtures only worked in one beam in fixtures with multiple beams.
Property Editing
Dropdown menu properties rendered overlapped on macOS when in Dark Mode.
Version 2020.0.29, released the 12th March 2020
Focus Planes
Deleting a focus plane could cause a crash.
SketchUp Import
SketchUp 2020 files did not import on Windows.
Capture could freeze as connections attempts to Eos were being made.
View Navigator
The orbit / panoration button of the view navigator did not change its icon based on the global free-flight navigation setting.
Patched Cameras
Playing back movie snapshots with camera positions of patched cameras could produce spurious jumps of the camera to origo.
Decorative Fixtures
The performance of decorative fixtures in large projects was poor.
Translation Tool
The local language could be shown instead of English on the right hand side.

For older versions of Capture, see the Capture 2019 revision history.


Capture fixes and changes have been categorized as follows:

Major bug fixes
Minor bug fixes