Capture 2019 revision history

The first release of Capture 2019 was version 2019.0.18, the 26th of March 2019.

Version 2019.1.6, released the 7th August 2019
Pangolin Projectors
The maximum number of projectors supported has been increased to 256.
The top left rectangle of renders was of lower quality than the rest of the image or first video frame if the automatic quality rendering setting was enabled.
Animation Wheels
The orientation of animation wheels in the visualisation was incorrect.
Version 2019.1.5, released the 1st August 2019
Omnidirectional Smoke
Omnidirectional fixtures did not visualise in smoke on macOS.
Video Capture
Used video capture devices were not released until Capture quit on macOS.
grandMA2 XML
Fixture data exported to grandMA2 XML did not transfer layer names correctly.
Plot Printing
Single pixel gaps between printing tiles could be seen in printed plot views.
DWG Layers
Attempting to export a model with two layers with identical names in different upper/lower case to DWG would result in an internal error.
Broken Positions
Objects with broken positions caused model export to DWG to fail.
Version 2019.1.4, released the 24th June 2019
Model Import
Capture could crash on Windows when minimizing the import model window.
The edges of measurements did not snap to the measurement points and could not be positioned exactly using the transform command.
Symbol Key
The plot symbol key configuration dialog scrollbar on Windows did not work correctly with high DPI settings.
Library Tab
Dragging items from the library tab did not always work if done very quickly.
Motion Fixtures
The Select all Motion Controlled command did not selected motion fixtures.
Fixture Data Import
Importing CSV files exported by Capture preferred the external identifier column.
Version 2019.1.3, released the 4th June 2019
Reference Manual
The manual command in the menu now links to the new online reference manual.
Media Servers
Capture could crash when media servers disappear from the network.
Video Input
Capture could crash when using video capture devices and web cameras on macOS.
Model Export
Exporting the model to DXF/DWG did not work if a layer had an empty name.
Animation Wheels
The orientation of animation wheels in the visualisation was incorrect.
Illuminated Materials
Illuminated materials could appear fuzzy in the visualisation.
Version 2019.1.2, released the 16th May 2019
Control Pane
Control of non-white non-colour mixing emitter fixtures, such as for instance warm and cold white, is now supported.
Pangolin Projectors
A settings option to configure the maximum number of projectors supported has been added.
Fullscreen Presentations
The white border around the view in maximised presentations has been removed (as long as the snapshot pane is not open).
Slider Properties
The popup slider editor used for some properties can now be operated and closed with the keyboard.
Plot Precision
A precision option like that for distance measurements has been added for truss trim height and rigging point coordinate annotatoins.
Library Tab
The layout of the library tab has been improved to work better on narrow screen layouts.
Window Locations
Window location memory has been added to plot, universe and report windows.
Mac Mouses
A new settings option has been added to disable trackpad panoration.
Wide Shadows
The precision of shadows from very wide angle fixtures has been improved.
Bloom Strength
The strength of the bloom effect has been increased significantly.
Metal Timeouts
Metal driver timeout detection has been improved.
SketchUp Import
Support for importing models from SketchUp 2019 files has been added.
Fixture Adjustments
New options to adjust the intensity and zoom and iris directions of fixtures have been added.
Movie Rendering
Traces of the current state of fixtures when beginning movie rendering could be seen in the beginning of movies.
Hidden Fixtures
Lighting from hidden and filtered fixtures could be seen.
Vanishing Properties
The values of recently edited properties could become invisible in Dark Mode on macOS.
Version 2019.0.24, released the 13th May 2019
Capture could crash when adding a laser projector under certain rendering settings.
macOS Language
The computers language wasn't detected correctly on macOS.
Experted presentations would be prevented from opening by the macOS gatekeeper on certain macOS versions.
Asymetric Optics
Asymmetric optics of some types would not be visualised.
Hog4 Export
Universe indexes for universes above 16 were not correctly exported.
Version 2019.0.23, released the 1st May 2019
Presentations created on Windows would not start.
Version 2019.0.22, released the 29th April 2019
Console Link
Capture could crash when closing projects if a console link was present.
Snapping Issues
Broken objects could cause snapping to send objects into invalid locations.
DWG Export
Distance meusurements of no distance prevented DWG and DXF files from being exported.
Camera Focus
The camera focus all and focus selection commands could send the camera to invalid locations.
macOS Dropdowns
Dropdown could render incorrectly on macOS Dark Mode.
Window States
The fixture and universes floating tool pane windows did not remember their location.
Quick Information
Wattage information did not always show in the quick information window on Windows.
Plot Focus
Textual fixture symbol information could render twice under certain circumstances.
Fixture Optics
Changing the optics of a fixture did not always update the visualisation.
Control Pane
When using the lamp on/off and home functions of the control pane with unpatched fixtures their controls did not update.
Snapping Inconsistencies
The snapping point of fixtures to truss in front and section views could be unpredictable.
Version 2019.0.21, released the 11th April 2019
Crash Reporter
When starting Capture on Windows by double clicking a project file the crash reporter could not be found.
Laser Visualisation
Beams would disappear in high quality atmospheric resolution if transparent objects were present but no lasers.
Version 2019.0.20, released the 9th April 2019
Rendering Crashes
Capture could crash when rendering images or videos when using laser projectors or many transparent objects.
Property Editing
Slider and material colour property editors could open partially off-screen.
Laser Visualisation
When lasers were present in the project file, other beams would sometimes not show.
Quick Information
The quick information window was unreadable when using Dark Mode on macOS.
Automatic Quality
It was not possible to enable or disable the automatic quality rendering setting.
Version 2019.0.19, released the 28th March 2019
Keyboard Shortcuts
New shortcuts for Replace and Fixture Information were added.
External Universes
Capture could crash when external universes were lost.
Transparent objects were not always visualised correctly on Windows.
CITP Universes
Using sACN universes as external DMX sources for CITP universes did not work.
Console Link
Unpatched fixtures would always appear in the console patch list even if they had already been identified.
Console Link
The reason for mismatching patch error messages is written to the log file.

For older versions of Capture, see the Capture 2018 revision history.


Capture fixes and changes have been categorized as follows:

Major bug fixes
Minor bug fixes