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1 Replies and 19 Views fixture library
19 1 - Started by muet, last post from Florian Baeumler
Hi, I&39;ve tried to import a MVR file from wysiwyg. I cannot find some fixtures in Capture : Ayrton Nando Beam S6 // Prolight Arc Led 7361 Q Zoom // a mirror ball. How could i download these Is capture library is smallest than wyg Thank you for your answers R

5 Replies and 194 Views Working with different licenses of Capture
194 5 - Started by Floriaan, last post from Floriaan
We have multiple licences of Capture, some are Duet, one is Symphony. I experimented with creating a large show on the sinfony license, then opening the show on the duet licence, make a few changes and see what happens when you try to save the file. The result was a bit unexpected and from the warning message I could not fully understand the implications.  What I changed (in Duet): - I added measurements to the drawing, to show xy positions of some fixtures - I moved some fixtures ...

3 Replies and 1048 Views PSN PosiStageNet
1048 3 - Started by Jon, last post from Lars Wernlund
Is it possible to output PSN from Capture into the MA2 Reason I ask is for quick focus positions. Select the fixtures. Click on the location on Capture and the information could be sent to MA as a tracker. It wouldn't be prefect on a live stage (though I guess that depends on how accurate your model is) but would get you close for some quick cleaning up with the console encoders for preset creation during preprogramming. Maybe you already can but I haven;t found it just yet. Many thanks

7 Replies and 4230 Views A wish for Capture and the blind mode
4230 7 - Started by yegamusica, last post from Rainschn
Hello! I would like to say to you a wish that i hope for a long time now. I work with Lt LIght console, and sometimes i work with the blind mode in live show to correct or create some cue. It would be so useful, and wonderful if Capture could hold the possibility to receive dmx in blind mode. (I know there is 16 universes in blind mode too). So, create a cue in blind mode and see it in live when i want, it' s my wish but it's just a wish...

0 Replies and 48 Views Vectorworks file to convert into Capture
48 0 - Started by Lor Nov, last post from 2023-08-08 15:32
Hey team, I&39;ve been given a vectoreworks file but I&39;m using Capture 2022. Could someone convert this for me by any chance Happy to pay whatever is needed, I&39;m in a rush :-/

5 Replies and 2450 Views PC or MAC? Which MAC
2450 5 - Started by Derek Jones, last post from Greg Brown
OK so I know the usual argument that says "get the most powerful that you can afford", "Get a MAC they are the best". "No get a PC, much better" and so on, heard it all before. I&39;m looking for some real user experience rather than advice. I run Capture on two PCs a laptop and a desktop, both run Capture very well and I&39;ve no complaints at all. However, my day-to-day machine is a MAC, an old MAC that can&39;t run Capture without becoming a BBQ grill and t...

5 Replies and 166 Views mega hals
166 5 - Started by tuborg, last post from Rainschn
schreibe bewust auf deutsch also hatte heute ein treffen mit einem kunden - LT an - chapture Starten - anzeige ubdate kommt - OK nix OK - nach dem update wahren alle lizenzen wech - hatte demo mode - schnell in der firma angerufen und lizenzen duchgeben lasen ---  war für null ging nix keine lizenzen wurden erkannt - also sitze ich bei einem kunden - kann ihm eigentlich nix zeigen weil meine lizenzen die ich bezahlt habe nicht laufen - sowas ist schrott hoch zehn  das programm ka...

3 Replies and 1249 Views Optimal hardware setup for best performance
1249 3 - Started by HAS, last post from Floriaan
Im building a new visualization studio and want to customize a PC to get the best performance in Capture. Ive tried searcing the forum and reading the manuals, but couldnt find any answer to what is the optimal PC-setup was, just minimum system requirements. Is Capture running best on Intel or Ryzen processors Nvidia or AMD for graphics Could anyone here please share their experience  

4 Replies and 2058 Views Side by Side 3d
2058 4 - Started by schweitzer22, last post from rainer ludwig
So I have been working with CApture for four years now...Love it so much. I had a dream the other night that I was cueing in Capture via a VR headset. Pretty awesome dream actually. I then noticed in the properties of my Live view that there is an option for side by side 3d, never noticed this in four years before. I searched and have found nothing about this. Can you use a VR headset or will you be able to in the future. Please tell me this may be a thing

3 Replies and 186 Views Grand MA2 funk
186 3 - Started by Jim Smagata, last post from Vangelis Manolis
Hi. I am trying to both learn the MA2 and design a show. I have the Symphony version. The patch is done and is spread out over 15 universes. And right off the bat, I rented a command wing so I could have output. That was pretty clear from the forums and tutorial. This gives me enough parameters to do the show. Here is the funk. Setting up the network with MA on pc, the adresses match, the little boxes are green that should be green, and Capture sees the MA2 iin the universes tab. I sh...
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