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2 Replies and 113 Views Any Private Contractors for Hire?
113 2 - Started by DippelLD, last post from Oz Perrenoud
Hello all, I work with a megachurch in North Little Rock, AR and we just bought capture to model out the stage in our sanctuary. I&39;m the lighting director, but me and my media director both have 0 experience with Capture and - even with tutorials - we aren&39;t confident in our ability to correctly get this done.  With that being said, is there anyone out there that does freelancing in this area Anyone that can do it all for us We have a time limit to get it done. 

0 Replies and 72 Views Red Rocks Stage Model
72 0 - Started by Todd, last post from 2022-07-21 16:00
Can anyone recommend where to find an accurate Red Rocks Ampitheater Stage model with the new roof build  Also, is there a forum or or place where the capture community can share stage models etc. Thanks so much

0 Replies and 90 Views PC or MAC? Which MAC
90 0 - Started by Derek Jones, last post from 2022-07-12 23:19
OK so I know the usual argument that says "get the most powerful that you can afford", "Get a MAC they are the best". "No get a PC, much better" and so on, heard it all before. I&39;m looking for some real user experience rather than advice. I run Capture on two PCs a laptop and a desktop, both run Capture very well and I&39;ve no complaints at all. However, my day-to-day machine is a MAC, an old MAC that can&39;t run Capture without becoming a BBQ grill and t...

2 Replies and 84 Views Fixture Patch - Check Overlapping Addresses
84 2 - Started by Jon Murphy, last post from Eric
Is it possible to have capture check the fixture patch and show in red overlapping addresses or double channel numbers This would be very usful when importing a MVR file that has fixture address info and double check that the patch is in working order.  Thanks for your time, Jon

1 Replies and 3339 Views Speaker Library
3339 1 - Started by CSTV, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
I&39;m still learning the in&39;s and out&39;s of the software but is there no speaker library with various types of speaker manufacturers or a way to populate a line array If not how are designers building that aspect of their rig in capture

10 Replies and 370 Views Capture file icons are white !!!
370 10 - Started by Philippe
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, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
Hi, After upgrading to Big Sur, several months ago, and since then, all my .c2p files have lost their capture logo  icons. After several Capture and OS updates, they remain white. I&39;m attaching some screen shots so you see what I mean. Any ideas Thank you Philippe List View Icons View Gallery View

2 Replies and 68 Views Looking for Fixture or Comparable Model
68 2 - Started by Drawbird, last post from Drawbird
I was trying to find any fixtures from MEANReal (specifically the Elf 100W Beam) but couldn&39;t find if it was a knock off of something in the library or if it just hadn&39;t been added yet.  It is similar to a few things but not close enough to use for programming. Here is the model I&39;m hoping to program: For clarity, these are already acquired by a client so I can&39;t just pick something else ;-). Thank you!

1 Replies and 65 Views Capture Mobile - MA3 Console MA-Net3
65 1 - Started by Jon Murphy, last post from Lars Wernlund
Is it possoble to connect Capture Mobile app on iOS to MA3 Lighting Consoel using MA-Net3 Protocol

1 Replies and 175 Views MacBook Pro 2021 M1 Max Chip
175 1 - Started by Christopher Snape, last post from NussMuss
Hi, Does anyone run Capture with the latest MacBook Pro Apple M1 Max chip with 10-core CPU, 32-core GPU and 16-core Neural Engine 64GB unified memory I’d love to hear your feedback on this.. Thanks, Chris

2 Replies and 89 Views Arena layer wanted
89 2 - Started by Derek Jones, last post from Derek Jones
Hello everyone This is a real cheeky request. Does anyone have an arena later that they would like to share as a venue layer. I knock up my own venues but for a quick presentation or to get my gigs going I’d like an arena layer with space for a 60 x 40 stage (that’s feet by the way) some multilevel seating etc. If you have a basic arena venue and you’d like to share it… I’ll credit you in my final presentation! All the very best Djx
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