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New licences as well as upgrades from previous Capture versions are all available both from our dealers and in our web shop. Upgrade prices to higher editions are always the difference in price between new licences of the editions in question.

For full details on licensing, update and upgrade policies, see our licensing page

Edition comparison table and new license prices

Capture Edition Licence Price Universes Local Video Streaming Video Laser Feeds
Solo 395€ 1 1 1 1
Duet 795€ 2 2 2 2
Quartet 1295€ 4 4 4 4
Symphony 2195€
Capture Edition Solo Duet Quartet Symphony
Licence Price 395€ 795€ 1295€ 2195€
Universes 1 2 4
Local Video 1 2 4
Streaming Video 1 2 4
Laser Feeds 1 2 4

Prices for upgrading to another edition

Upgrade between Capture Editions
Solo Duet 400€
Solo Quartet 900€
Solo Symphony 1800€
Duet Quartet 500€
Duet Symphony 1400€
Quartet Symphony 900€

Prices for upgrading to Capture 2024

Capture Edition Upgrade Price
Solo 99€
Duet 119€
Quartet 129€
Symphony 149€
Capture Edition Solo Duet Quartet Symphony
Upgrade Price 99€ 119€ 129€ 149€

Upgrades to Capture 2024 are priced the same regardless of which version you own; Capture 2023, Capture 2022, Capture 2021, Capture 2020 or Capture 2019.

To see what was new in each version, click its name above.

For educational institutions

Educational institutions may use one license of any edition on an unlimited number of seats per location. In order to be eligible for this offer we require that you purchase your license using an educational institution e-mail address and notify us by e-mail to after completing your purchase. Your institution must be a secondary school, college, university or career state-accredited school.