What's new in Capture 2022?

With Capture 2022 we have introduced new features for enhanced modelling detail, paperwork accuracy and customization, and of course more lively visualisation.

The new cabling tool now makes it possible to draw and calculate the cable runs required by your design. Trusses have been revised featuring more detailed models and even custom loaded ones. The library has been separated from the installer and the process for updating the library happens within Capture. A new measuring mode is now available including multi-point measurement capabilities. You can also load your own SVG files as plot symbols and customize your paperwork.

Visualisation has come to life with HDR support, improved tone mapping, and the new aperture rendering. A new concept of stored camera positions simplifies camera handling from within Capture, but also externally with DMX, allowing for even smoother transitions. And for our laserists you can now load ILDA files for playback by lasers.

The Capture 2022 release webcast.



Cable item.
Cable item
Custom truss pieces.
Custom truss pieces


  • Highlight Cables. With the new cable library item it is possible to design, measure, plan, plot and report a project's cable runs.


  • Highlight Line snapper. New line snapper object allows creating the same behaviour used when fixtures snap to truss and pipes. We will be using this custom library item for both scaffolding and truss.
  • Highlight Custom truss pieces. We now have the ability to CAD our own custom truss pieces, like base plates, ballasts, outriggers, corner blocks, sleeves and motor attachments amongst others.
  • Library tab symbols categories. Split into one category for fixture symbols and one for other symbols, which now also have subcategories.
  • New library distribution. Library file no longer inside the installer. Size reduced from 1,5GB to 500MB. Can be downloaded and installed through the library tab, without a browser or requiring a restart.

User Interface

  • Updated titlebar behaviour. Follows the latest behaviours of both Windows and macOS applications. Most notably the titlebar on macOS supports the "represented file" behaviour.
  • ”Open with...” Now states Capture 2022 instead of "Capture.exe".
  • Clearing recently used files. With a new command available inside the menu listing them.
  • Revised keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl/Cmd is now used to prevent snapping (instead of Escape). Escape is now used to deselect all objects (instead of Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+C). Escape also exits modal editors (model edit, measure, focus etc). Alt+Mouse Left now emulates the middle mouse button.

Universe Tab

  • Highlight Universe view revamped. Better layout for overlapping fixtures, plus a new ”fixtures” mode where full channel names are visible and channels are individually controllable with their slider.
  • Add multiple universes, New option to add multiple universes at once. Universe names are now numeric by default.


  • Added group position and rotation. They can be included in scenes and hidden, which then affects all objects in the group. They can also be assigned to a motion fixture which then affects all objects in the group (that are not explicitly assigned to another motion fixture). Groups can not be assigned a layer, layer assignment is still per object.
  • Add and remove from group. Objects and groups can be added to already existing groups using drag and drop. Objects and groups inside a group can be broken out of the group.
  • Double click in a group. Double clicking on objects and groups in groups drill down with each double click. It is still possible to directly select an object regardless of whether it’s in a group or not using Ctrl on Windows or Cmd on Mac.


  • Improved glTF export. Enriched CAPTURE_model extension with Capture-specific data.
  • Performance improvement. Responsiveness in design.



Truss enhancements.
Truss enhancements
Cable report.
Cable report
Custom plot symbols.
Custom plot symbols


  • Highlight Truss enhancements.Improved design of bracing patterns, support for specific brace counts and discernible rectangular truss endings. Improved measurements. Library has been revised.
  • Highlight Custom plot symbols.Import and scale your own SVG plot symbols, to be used in fixtures, or as objects by themselves. Symbols are centered by default, but a vertical offset can be added as well.


  • Highlight Cable report.Having designed the wiring inside a project cable reports can be created for listing the cables required.


  • Highlight Measure mode.Ideal for quick positioning, one-off measurements, and to create also distance measurements.
  • Multipoint measurements. Measurements can now consist of multiple points. They can be cumulative or not.
  • Units. Mixed SI units (ie. as ”1m 10cm”) have been removed. Offsets and distances below 1m are expressed in mm, others in m. A new Unit property has been added to measurements, truss trim heights and rigging point coordinates. It also lets you choose a specific measurement unit.




  • Highlight Camera positions.Store camera positions for quick recall from within Capture. Positions can be applied to any view.Multiple collections of positions can be created.
  • Camera DMX modes. New modes for recalling camera positions with any preferred time, dampening and curvature for smoother transitions.

Fixture Visualisation

  • Highlight Aperture rendering. Redesigned apertures now feature a glass like appearance withcrisp or shaped surfaces.
  • Projector lens shift. Control and visualisation of the lens shift of projectors. Library has been revised.
  • Prism definitions. Arbitrary prism definitions in the library.
  • Animation wheels. More precise definitions.
  • CIE colour control. Support for fixtures with additive colour mixing by controlling CIE xy coordinates.


  • Highlight ILDA file playback. Video players have been renamed to Media players and now also accept ILDA files (*.ild)for laser projectors.


  • Highlight EDR and HDR support. For extended and high dynamic range (HDR) monitors.
    Read more about HDR in our blog post.
  • HDR movie snapshot rendering. On macOS, movie snapshots can now be rendered to HDR in H.265 Rec.2100 HLG.
  • Improved tone mapping. Integrated the latest from ACES 1.3. Saturated blues are less prone to shifting into magenta.
  • Prevent sleep during render. Computer stays awake while rendering movie snapshots.
  • Performance improvements. Faster frame rates.