What's new in Capture 2020?

For Capture 2020 our focus has been on the core lighting design functionality of Capture. We are introducing fixture groups and a new dedicated 'focus plane' tool. We have also improved on fixture data management in general. All this is put to use in the reworked report editor which now makes it possible to create virtually any type of report.

Improved visualisation and rendering performance combined with automated rendering quality brings extra horsepowers ensures that your hardware is used to its full potential.

The Capture 2020 release webcast.

For the lighting designer


Focus planes provide visual guidance and detailed illumination information.
An ETC EOS console link for channel selection and pan/tilt feedback.
glTF import with full material support
Model import from glTF files.
glTF export with full material support
Model export of glTF files with patch information.
Import of vectorized PDF files
Model import of PDF file vector-based contents.
Cross-platform presentation export.
Export of cross-platform presentations.


  • Highlight: Focus planes provide visual guidance and detailed illumination information.
  • Fixture groups for organisation and quick fixture selection.
  • The fixture location property has been made available in the fixture tab.
  • Control selectability on individual layer level.
  • Material mapping regions for precise video content mapping.
  • New commands for management of objects in scenes.
  • Scaffolding elements and structures have been added to the library.
  • Snappers make it possible to construct custom assembly objects.
  • Access the ambient lighting level directly from the control pane.
  • Control individual fixtures of the same type and make relative and fine adjustments of parameters in the control pane.
  • New texture generator modes for LED pixel strips have been added.
  • Conversion of imported line style truss to pipes for live visiblity.



  • Highlight: An OSC-based console link to ETC's Eos consoles provides channel selection exchange and feedback of pan/tilt parameters from Capture to Eos.

File exchange

  • Highlight: glTF import and export with PBR material support. Exported glTF files contains fixture patch information.
  • Highlight: Import of vectorized floor plan PDF files.
  • Improved handling of CSV and TSV fixture data file separators.
  • Fixture identifiers have been added to fixture data import and export.


  • Highlight: Cross-platform presentation export - export macOS presentations from Windows and vice versa.
  • New library technology shortens update times.

Powerful reporting


Completely reworked report editor with unlimited configuration options.
Completely reworked report editor with unlimited configuration options.
Built-in PDF export of plots
Built-in PDF export of plots.


  • Highlight: Completely reworked report editor will unlimited configuration options makes it possible to create any kind of report.
  • Create reports based on fixture group data.
  • Create reports based on rigging point data.


  • Highlight: Built-in PDF export of plots.
  • Annotations have been added to imported objects.
  • No repetition of information in fixture accessories.
  • Control the visibility of individual annotations.
  • Objects and annotations now snap when making plot adjustments.

Visualisation improvements


Fully automatic quality settings
Simplified and fully automatic rendering quality settings.
Planar reflections for flat reflective surfaces.


  • Highlight: New simplified and fully automatic quality settings.
  • Highlight: Planar reflections for flat reflective surfaces.
  • Overall visualisation performance improvements.
  • Decorative fixtures such as pixel tubes contribute to fill lighting.
  • Fullscreen mode for Windows.
  • Hideable selection navigator for clutter free presentations.


  • Up to 10x rendering performance improvements.
  • 4K rendering of movie snapshots.
  • HDR rendering of stills and movie snapshots to EXR files.