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Creating plots with Capture Argo

We market Capture as a "lighting design, documentation and visualisation software" but there is a deeper thought behind this wording than just listing things you can do with the software. The cornerstone of Capture's philosophy is that these three tasks should be linked in such a way that you can easily switch between them and progress both your design and documentation while visualising.

Spill lighting

When we started working with photometric data for version 21, the purpose was to enhance the realism of the visualization in  general and the footprints of beams in particular. So the plan was that once AtlaBase started supplying us with photometric profiles (typically the raw data loaded from IES files) we would simply apply them to the beams pretty much like gobos. However, we quickly ran into a somewhat unexpected issue: spill lighting.

Real-time lighting design with Capture Argo

Capture Argo is a state of the art real-time design environment for your lighting design needs. The level of detail and ease of use of Capture's functionality sets it aside from other lighting design software on the market.