Real-time lighting design with Capture Argo

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Capture Argo is a state of the art real-time design environment for your lighting design needs. The level of detail and ease of use of Capture's functionality sets it aside from other lighting design software on the market.

Accurate beam characteristics
Lighting fixture beams and their footprints are rendered using accurate photometric profile data (typically from IES files). In the abscence of such data, a set of carefully selected representative photometric profiles is used to ensure that each fixture type is visualized correctly.

In addition to the intensity variations within the lighting fixtures' beams, Capture also approximates the varying shadow characteristics of different types of optics, producing hard shadows for profiles and soft shadows for wash lights.

Multiple aperture visualization
The fixture library contains carefully modelled position and DMX control information for fixtures with multiple apertures. Choose between all of the DMX modes available in reality - from group to individual aperture control as well as hybrid modes.

All common colour mixing models are supported with up to 9 colour components - with 'direct' control of each colour component as well as for instance RGB, HSV and colour temperature modes.

Complex body simulation
Lighting fixtures of any shape and with any variation of motorized parts are supported - vital for the visualization of some special fixtures. 

The video to the right shows the High End Shapeshifter, which has an internally lit body with six individually pan and tiltable 'facets' with LED lights fitted on them (and a fixed center piece as well). Among other special fixtures supported is the Ayrton Cosmopix-R.

Frost filter, barndoor and shutter cut visualization
Many productions value the ability to visualize profile fixture shutter cuts of conventional as well as automated fixtures, a functionality that extends to barndoor operation of fresnels and PC's as well. Conventional profile fixtures also offer sharpness control and adding a frost filter to a fixture also affects the beam as you would expect.

Scroller and yoke assemblies
It is as easy as drag and drop to combine any conventional fixture with a scroller and/or a yoke. Once assembled, the pieces operate together as in reality - but are still individually removable, patchable and reported separately.

The real-time aspect
All of these amazing design and visualization features operate in real-time, that is there is no need to switch between softwares or modes while making adjustments to your design - the visualization is always right there, all the time!