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Capture 2019 live release event

Join us next week on Monday the 25h for our annual product release event!

Learn all about Capture 2019, its new features, improvements and advancements - but also the thinking and strategy behind them.

Upcoming new system requirements

During our live webcast on Monday last week we spoke about some important changes in the upcoming Capture 2019 release in three weeks.

With Capture 2019 we will be updating the system requirements so we want to make sure everyone is on track with the details surrounding this.

Live webcast on upcoming release

As the end of our yearly release cycle year is coming to an end we will be taking a look back at what has happened since the release of Capture 2018.

We will also be covering some important information on our upcoming Capture 2019 release and try to fit in some time for a general Q&A session.

Capture 2018 released!

We are happy to announce the release of Capture 2018, new available for download and purchase!

Our latest release of Capture comes with a host of improvements including a redesigned project window, the rollout of a new DirectX and Metal-based rendering engine, new design and paperwork features, improved DWG export and more!