Capture 2024 Licencing Changes

Capture 2024 Licencing Changes

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Along with the launch of Capture 2024 this year we will be introducing some improvements to the way Capture licences are managed.

In our current system, each licence installation is permanent and as time passes you are granted additional installations. This is how we make up for moving licences between computers as well as loss of computers through crashes, reinstallation and theft.

With Capture 2024 we are changing this by having Capture communicate licence uninstallations to our systems, so they are no longer permanent. Licences will remain personal and valid for two computers, just as today, but it will now be possible to move them between computers without explanation or our assistance.

On the new 'My Licences' page on our web site you will be able to manage your licence installations yourself. In order to be able to identify them you will be able to provide a description for each installation, for which Capture will automatically suggest the name of your computer.

If Capture fails to communicate with our systems during the uninstallation of a licence you will be given a "lock code". A "lock code" can be used later on the 'My Licences' page to certify that the licence was uninstalled on that computer.

In the event that you loose access to a computer you will be able to perform a "forcible lock" of the licence installation. This will only be possible twice for each licence and after each upgrade to a newer version of Capture.

If the Internet-based automated unlock of a licence on a computer fails during installation you will now also be able to obtain an unlock code yourself on the 'My Licences' page.

The new 'My Licences' page will be of particular value to educational institutions which will now be able to administer the installations of their licences themselves.

The new 'My Licences' page is in fact already available. It is accessible by logging in to our web site and clicking on your name in the top right corner. The new licence management functionality is not visible yet, but you can already use it to download licence key files and view your licence installation history.