Capture 2024 release dates

Capture 2024 release dates


Yesterday we revealed the release date of Capture 2024 in a live webcast and opened the grace period at the same time.

The release date for Capture 2024 is Tuesday 5th of March. We will be presenting all the new features and improvements in Capture 2024 during a live webcast in the evening on Monday 4th of March.

This also means that our grace period started yesterday, the 5th of February. The grace period lasts up until the release of Capture 2024 and any licence purchases or upgrades during this period makes you eligible for a free upgrade to Capture 2024 once it has been released. New for this year is that all upgrades count towards the free upgrade to Capture 2024 - not just version upgrades.

For more information, take a look at yesterday's webcast where we also answered a lot of good questions related to the new licence management that we are introducing in Capture 2024.