Capture 2021.1 released, with grandMA3 support

Capture 2021.1 released, with grandMA3 support

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We have now released Capture 2021.1 which contains improvements and bugfixes, along with one new feature. This is the highly anticipated support for grandMA3. 

You can now connect to MA-Net3 on Windows or macOS provided you have grandMA3 hardware, like a console, a wing, a node, or even the recently introduced grandMA3 viz-key. The viz-key is the unique solution for stable and safe connectivity between Capture and grandMA3 lighting control systems, which gets connected to the computer where Capture is installed and it will enable all necessary parameters for visualization. More relevant information can be found as usual on our connectivity options page.

All other changes in our point one release are documented in detail as always in our Revision History page. Some of these include beam rendering improvements, colour mixing and stability. It’s worth noting also that now there is NDI support on Apple Silicon, while other relevant limitations remain. Finally we have extended the fixture groups report table sources by adding the unit and circuit columns.