Apple silicon limitations

Capture 2021 for Mac has been built as a "universal binary". This means that it has native support for both Intel and Apple silicon processors, such as the M1 chip.

Capture relies on a number of software libraries and frameworks from other manufacturers to provide functionality for these manufacturers' products. Not all of these have been made available with support for Apple silicon processors yet.

The functionality affected is:

  • 3Dconnexion devices
  • Cinema4D import
  • SketchUp import

We actively monitor the progress of these manufacturers and will make this functionality available once they support Apple silicon.


It is possible to run Intel applications on Apple silicon based Macs. This is done using a technology called "Rosetta" which translates applications in real-time. The drawback of running Intel applications using Rosetta is that their performance will decrease slightly.

As a workaround you can run Capture 2021 using Rosetta on Apple silicon based Macs. To do this:

  1. Locate the Capture 2021 app in your Applications folder and select it.
  2. Issue the Get Info command (⌘ I).
  3. In the Info window that appears, check the Open using Rosetta option.

Next time you start Capture 2021, the Intel version of it will be run using Rosetta and all of the features listed above will be available.