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1 Replies and 2811 Views Navigation on external selection
2811 1 - Started by Justin.P, last post from Lars Wernlund
Under Option -'Show Navigator on external selection'What is this option about

3 Replies and 3746 Views Blank Windows
3746 3 - Started by Mike M, last post from Mike M
Hello, I am having the same issue when using, Capture 2005 1.13, 1.14 and 1.17. Demo version, not a purchased copy. When I open a new or saved project , I can see the details in the &91Project&93 window, but the Alpha, Beta and Gamma views are all grey (or as I suspect the default background colour). I am able to get the menus up that appear in bottom right of each of these windows. I have uninstalled, and reinstalled each of the above versions, but they are all having the same is...

2 Replies and 7557 Views Martin LightJockey connectivity problems
7557 2 - Started by Lars Wernlund, last post from Lars Wernlund
Hi, It has been verified that Capture 2005 is not connecting properly with Martin LightJockey. The problem has been solved and the fix will be released as part of the next release of the Martin LightJockey software! Unfortunately there is no exact date for it, but it is expected in a near future. In the meanwhile, there is a workaround - to install Capture 3.0 (because LightJockey can use Capture 3.0's communication component to speak with Capture 2005 also). As Capture 3.0 is not official...

4 Replies and 5005 Views Vista - Capture?
5005 4 - Started by Deleted User, last post from kernfusion_design
When do you think that Capture will run with Vista I know its a Microsoft / OpenGL thing, and its out of your hands. Cheers Mic.

3 Replies and 4230 Views Altmans lighting fixtures?
4230 3 - Started by Simon, last post from Lars Wernlund
Hi, I don't see any Altman's contained in your extensive list of fixtures. In particular the 360Q, 65Q and the Micro Ellipse. Altman is a pretty common manufacturer. Am I just missing something here Thanks in advance! Simon

1 Replies and 3654 Views Capture Vs. Martin Lightjockey
3654 1 - Started by Jacob (Virtualight), last post from Lars Wernlund
hey everybody i'm new with capture, so i'm only using the demo, i wanna know.... is there any way to connect to Martin Lightjockey....I can't check the 'enable link to capture' box....

3 Replies and 4255 Views Using Textures on DXF imported Models?
4255 3 - Started by LOOP 66, last post from Lars Wernlund
I tried to put Materials (textures) on an imported DXF. It seems not to be possible (but maybe not doable on the Basic Version but on teh Extended Version)

0 Replies and 5059 Views CITP connectivity problems
5059 0 - Started by Lars Wernlund, last post from 2007-07-30 19:36
Hi, With the release of Capture 2005 1.17, some old and deprecated features of CITP are no longer supported by default. This may result in not being able to connect to Capture over CITP. If this happens, go to Tools / Options, switch to the Connectivity tab and change to CITP Compatible mode! Regards, Lars Wernlund

6 Replies and 9032 Views Fixture model
9032 6 - Started by Justin.P, last post from Justin.P
Ah A capture forum. a good place to share with other capture users. Thou I've asked long time ago. Is there any plan to improve the fixture model in captureat least a better shape that the scanner doesn't always looks like a rectangle box. and the heads all look the same.

1 Replies and 4326 Views Costum Gobos
4326 1 - Started by Trix, last post from Justin.P
I can't seem to find anything about making costum gobos in the reference manual ... or any place else, for that matter! Can i find something anyware about that
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