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0 Replies and 685 Views Scope of library update forum    
685 0 - Started by Vasilis Ziogas, last post from 2023-08-29 13:19
This is a place intended to inform you about new additions, changes and enhancements that take place in Capture&39;s library. Since the library is updated on a daily basis, the posts on this forum are focused only on things that are not easily spotted by the user (e.g. the addition of a new actor) unless he thoroughly goes through all the library&39;s categories. To avoid overpopulating this place, no fixture addition/modification announcements will be posted here. Your feedback and a...

1 Replies and 53 Views Stage Decks arrived
53 1 - Started by Vasilis Ziogas, last post from Ofer Brum
We have now created a new filter category in the library&39;s Truss folder named "Decks". This filter will be the home for stage decks, legs, railings, stairs and any other relevant equipment. Prolyte&39;s StageDex series, with its compatible legs and rails, has already been uploaded. Stairs and the LiteDeck series are following soon.

0 Replies and 40 Views New DJ comes to play
40 0 - Started by Vasilis Ziogas, last post from 2024-02-28 12:44
A new actor joined Capture&39;s library "People" family Make sure to try him with Capture 2024, which will be released in a few days, so you can unlock all of his potential. Available with tomorrow&39;s library update.

1 Replies and 30 Views ADJ Encore LP5IP
30 1 - Started by Sijmen - Showdesign, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
Manual gives me a standard beam 10degrees instead of 18.. degrees. And the extra supplied lens is 25 degrees and this is missing in the list of optics :) With Kind regards Sijmen - Showdesign

1 Replies and 91 Views Error in library for AFX Light Wash 1940
91 1 - Started by Patrice COGNET, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
Hi, I discover an error on library AFX Light Wash1940 for the zoom. It is reverse. When I look the capture screen, it is inverted compare to reality. How can change it Thanks,

1 Replies and 82 Views HOF alutec MLT
82 1 - Started by Christoph Schneider, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
Hello I miss the 1.2m piece of Hof Alutec MLT in the library, could you please build it also all the MLTs have no middle Bar (which is the most important piece of the truss to hang lights at) could you please add this Thank you

1 Replies and 86 Views Maverick Storm 2 BeamWash
86 1 - Started by Charlie, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
Hi  in capture its saying the weight of the fixture is 34.7kg but on all the data from the manufacture the weight is 23.8kg

1 Replies and 117 Views Updating Global Truss
117 1 - Started by GreatStageEvents, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
i had now several problems with Global Truss models that they dont match the real live Scaling espacialy the bracings and the Corners pls fix them i Need to import myself all the DWG data all the time instead of using the nice Libary Function.

0 Replies and 84 Views Desk electronics
84 0 - Started by Vasilis Ziogas, last post from 2024-01-17 20:35
Please welcome our new laptop with an external keyboard and a mouse. Along with these additions, we replaced the geometry of our conference chairs with lower poly and added a desktop desk.

3 Replies and 300 Views Crowd control
300 3 - Started by Vasilis Ziogas, last post from Subbass
A new crowd control barrier will arrive with tomorrow&39;s library update. You can find it under the Objects->Show Equipment folder. More to come in the near future.
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