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0 Replies and 993 Views Scope of library update forum    
993 0 - Started by Vasilis Ziogas, last post from 2023-08-29 13:19
This is a place intended to inform you about new additions, changes and enhancements that take place in Capture&39;s library. Since the library is updated on a daily basis, the posts on this forum are focused only on things that are not easily spotted by the user (e.g. the addition of a new actor) unless he thoroughly goes through all the library&39;s categories. To avoid overpopulating this place, no fixture addition/modification announcements will be posted here. Your feedback and a...

0 Replies and 61 Views V Towers
61 0 - Started by Vasilis Ziogas, last post from 2024-05-29 23:16
The first two V-Towers (Prolyte H30V and Sixty82 V Tower) arrived in our library. They are available in parts and preassembled under the Tower filter of the truss section.

0 Replies and 76 Views Bernard the bass player joined the band
76 0 - Started by Vasilis Ziogas, last post from 2024-05-27 08:56
Download the latest library version to check out our newest animated character addition, Bernard, found under the People->Objects category.

0 Replies and 87 Views Sixty82 Towers
87 0 - Started by Vasilis Ziogas, last post from 2024-05-24 14:10
The Multibase tower system, the Model L and the Model M tower series of Sixty82 are now added to our truss library.

0 Replies and 119 Views Speakers
119 0 - Started by Vasilis Ziogas, last post from 2024-05-22 10:41
As you can see in the above image, we have added a series of commonly used speakers to help users easily drag and drop them to their projects for a beautiful and easy rendering result. You may find them under the Objects/Speakers folder of our library. You can still use the generic speaker found under the Forms folder, whose properties are editable. Plus, you may import your own speakers if you seek a more realistic result for your equipment.

1 Replies and 137 Views Wrong Body Model LEd Spacing
137 1 - Started by GreatStageEvents, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
Hello,  im Using the Flash Butrym LED Moving Head Bar 10x40 RGBW and i need to say that LED Spacing is way to Wierd its like the 10 leds only in the Middle Not From one to other End. For the Right Dimensions here are the ones out of the manual  Dimensions: H(31)xW(105)xD(12) cm the model in Capture is 109 Wide so planing is wrong aswell  its just not Possible to use it in Pre Vis becasue its like the Bar looks like 70 cm long only not the 1 meter 

1 Replies and 126 Views More Layher
126 1 - Started by LuukLuukLuuk, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
Hello, I want to request a significant amount of extra layher added to the library.  Now we only have V-braces, O-decks/beams, and Columns and such. I would like to see things such as: Adjustable Columns foots, Stairs, Wall brackets, Layher Steel cage wall, a parallelcoupling options, easy options to create a stage with layher.  When trying to load 3d layher models in they dont snap as good as the capture built-in layher.  Thanks in advance, Greetings, Luuk

1 Replies and 157 Views Incorrect weight for ECLFresnel 2KVW
157 1 - Started by Ernesto Chaves, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
Hi, the weight information on the ProLights ECLFresnel 2KVW is incorrect on the library. The library weights it at 7.8kg while the fixture weighs 17.2kg in reference to the information on their website and physical fixture box.

4 Replies and 394 Views Stage Decks arrived
394 4 - Started by Vasilis Ziogas, last post from Vasilis Ziogas
We have now created a new filter category in the library&39;s Truss folder named "Decks". This filter will be the home for stage decks, legs, railings, stairs and any other relevant equipment. Prolyte&39;s StageDex series, with its compatible legs and rails, has already been uploaded. Stairs and the LiteDeck series are following soon.

0 Replies and 140 Views Support for new type of corners
140 0 - Started by Vasilis Ziogas, last post from 2024-03-14 22:31
We are happy to announce that we have added many new types of truss corners as the ones below from Global Truss And there are more to come in the near future.
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