Capture for Edurne's Adrenalina tour

David Gálvez has been using Capture for the lighting and video programming as well as the production of all documentation required for the tour. The show is fully synchronized using SMPTE with a grandMA2 lighting console and the Pandoras Box media server, all visualized by Capture.

Capture for the Voice of Holland

Lighting designer Bas de Vries is putting Capture Nexum to the test at this year's edition of the Voice of Holland.

This year Bas de Vries, resident lighting designer since the beginning of the show in 2010, decided to try a new workflow including Capture.

Capture for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Capture Argo was the previz tool of choice at the recent 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta. Over 400 fixtures and a massive backdrop of LED surrounded the stage, bringing light and life to the young performers. Lighting designer Nick Malbon used Capture Argo to previsualize the setup with stunning results.

Capture for Paines Plough's Roundabout theatre

The Roundabout is Paines Plough's new touring pop-up theatre that saw its opening night at the Margate Winter Gardens 3rd of September 2014. Once assembled the theatre is a fully featured and self-contained 168-seater in the round, complete with lighting and sound.