Capture Nexum revision history

The first release of Capture Nexum was version 23.0.13, the 24th of April 2017.

Version 23.1.12, released the 5th March 2018
Project Crash
Opening a project file from an older version of Capture with a colour scroller attached to a conventional fixture could lead to a crash.
Library Installation
Library installations on macOS 10.13 could be very slow.
Editable Fixtures
Fixture name, make and weight information was editable by mistake on macOS.
Version 23.1.11, released the 30th January 2018
CAEX ShowSync
The order of fixtures reported in a CITP/CAEX fixture list is now deterministic.
Image Media
The video player could fail to play back image files.
Plot Fixtures
Textual information outside fixtures on plots such as filters or focus information did not always render on top of other objects the same way as the fixture's symbol.
Layer Priority
Layer priority did not get applied properly to standalone symbols.
Project Information
Project information logo and text did not render to image unless the bloom effect was enabled or resolution was low.
Omnidirectional lights such as bulbs could produce a white rectangle when above frosted transparent objects, if very bright.
Cylinder Hull
The number of segments of a cylinder hull was always lost on duplication.
Version 23.1.10, released the 8th January 2018
Console Link
Fixtures patched to universes not available to a console link are now reported as unpatched to the console and a warning is shown to the user.
Free-flight zoom did not function, was zooming to the camera's focus point.
Multiple Apertures
Fixtures with multiple laser or video light sources only visualized the first light source.
Version 23.1.9, released the 28th November 2017
Hantmade Stage
Support for version 2 of the Hantmade Stage plugin for Cinema4D.
Support for up to 256 MA-Net universes.
macOS Crashes
Capture could crash on macOS when importing models.
Plot Editing
When moving insets in plots on macOS they could sometimes move slower than the mouse.
Version 23.1.8, released the 31st October 2017
Random Strobe
Strobe synchronized between multiple apertures of the same fixture.
Video Resolution
Changing the resolution of a video player lead to Capture hanging.
Rendering order of beams and transparent objects has been improved to reduce errors.
Version 23.1.7, released the 11th October 2017
Fixture Output
Some fixtures with a single asymmetric aperture did not produce any light output.
Version 23.1.6, released the 10th October 2017
macOS Startup
Capture would not start on macOS versions lower than 10.12.
Version 23.1.5, released the 10th October 2017
macOS Crashes
Capture could crash on macOS when closing windows.
Cinema4D Import
Capture tried to guess the scale of imported Cinema4D files.
Version 23.1.4, released the 6th October 2017
Retina Support
Support for Apple Retina display rendering added to the Student Edition.
Oval Optics
Support for oval LED optics has been added.
MacOS Tabbar
Accidental opening of the tab bar on macOS has been blocked as it caused navigation issues in maximized views.
MacOS Commands
Command availability did not update correctly on macOS when focusing between undocked views and the main interface.
DWG Normals
Broken normals in DWG files were passed through on import causing discolorations.
Video Projectors
Video projected from projectors with offset apertures rendered cut off.
Colour Mixing
Colour of dual layer color mixing fixtures were combined additively (rather than HTP).
Colour Mixing
Virtual RGB colour mixing of RGBW fixtures caused intensity anomalies in dual layer color mixing operation.
Version 23.1.3, released the 5th September 2017
CSV Import
Importing a CSV file with empty lines could cause a crash.
OBJ Import
Importing an OBJ file with polygons that do not specify normals could cause a crash.
Beam Stuttering
Visualization of beams on moving scenery could stutter under certain circumstances.
External Accessories
External accessories such as barndoors were not visible in plots.
Multihomed Networking
Outbound multicast messages of CITP and ETCNet could use the wrong network interface.
Scaled Objects
Scaled imported objects appeared very dim.
Text Editing
Editing long text properties on macOS without a mouse left a part of the text editor invisible.
Movie Rendering
Replacing a movie file on rendering on macOS did not work.
Fixture Frontmounts
Attaching or removing fixture frontmounts such as scrollers and dousers did not correctly update beam positions.
Version 23.1.2, released the 6th July 2017
Invisible Objects
Objects in hidden layers could under some very specific circumstances be selected.
Video Playback
The speed of video played back in video players could drift from world clock.
Version 23.1.1, released the 26th June 2017
Keyboard Shortcuts
The keyboard shortcut for View Focus All has been changed to Shift + F and the shortcut for Select All By Fixture Type has been changed to Shift + T.
Support for CITP/CAEX version D.
Data Import
A new option has been added to choose the X, Y and Z axis directions when importing positions.
The default beam characteristics for beam fixtures lacking photometric profiles has been improved.
Red tone shifts have been reduced for intense indigo and violets.
The intensity of beams aimed into the camera has been reduced to increase realism.
Art-Net 3
The numbers of Art-Net universes over 256 were not shown correctly.
SketchUp Import
Drawing block and name information was not preserved correctly for SketchUp imports.
Data Import
When importing patch information using separate DMX channel columns the results would be off by one.
Rendering of omnidirectional fixtures could fail and render them inactive.
The angles of framing shutters when controlled through DMX were incorrectly amplified.
The intensity of apertures was incorrect, especially for large apertures and on long distances.
Version 23.0.18, released the 26th May 2017
Laser Precision
Lasers could appear to shoot through narrow surfaces.
Plot Colour
Plot discolourations were present on macOS, making parts of a plot appear slightly pink.
DWG Import
Some types of surfaces could import without normal information, causing surfaces not to reflect any light.
Version 23.0.17, released the 19th May 2017
Fill Lighting
Having fill lighting enabled could lead to crashes when attaching or detaching objects from motion fixtures.
Quality Information
The view quality information was not visible in other than 100% resolution scaling.
Import Model
On macOS, closing a model import window in full screen mode lead to a crash.
Laser Precision
Laser projected on thin items could leaks through the items.
Plot Grid
Plot inset grids printed so thin they were almost invisible.
Version 23.0.16, released the 12th May 2017
Dropdown property lists could open too narrow on macOS.
Power Information
Power information in the quick information window did not appear on macOS.
Rotating omnidirectional light sources caused striped rendering artefacts.
Blue Colours
The visualization of blue colours could appear too strong for some fixtures and cause a red colour shift.
Colour Temperature
Fixtures that can only be controlled by colour temperature and dimmer did not visualize.
Locked Layers
Objects in locked layers remained selectable with multiselection even if the option to make objects in locked layers unselectable was active.
Version 23.0.15, released the 5th May 2017
NDI Streaming
Receiving video over NDI could cause random crashes.
Fill Lighting
Attaching objects to motion fixtures could lead to fill lighting related crashes.
DWG Import
Importing a DWG file could cause a texturing-related crash.
Throws Light
Fixtures with the Throws Light property set to False had invisible apertures.
Automatic Quality
The automatic quality setting could cause intensity fluctuations.
Color Textures
Some red tones in color textures appeared extremely dark.
Model Import
Using the Place Here option when importing objects did not always work.
Version 23.0.14, released the 28th April 2017
Cinema 4D
Objects imported from Cinema 4D have been set to cast shadows by default.
DWG Materials
The color of imported materials with standard names such as ByBlock, ByLayer and Global is adjusted to the default color if imported as black.
Line Width
Layer line width rendering on Windows was defect, causing paper views to be difficult to read.
Fill Lighting
Changing the fill lighting quality settings could cause the fill lighting to stop working.
Beam Intensity
Beam intensities and colours of multi-aperture fixtures could be incorrect when dimmed.
Beam Rendering
Aperture rendering could appear broken near the aperture of fixtures with very wide field angles.
DWG Blocks
Drawing names did not import from blocks that contained other elements than block references.
Project Information
The scaling of project information was incorrect when rendering images and movies.

For older versions of Capture, see the Capture Atlas revision history.


Capture Argo fixes and changes have been categorized as follows:

Major bug fixes
Minor bug fixes