Capture 2024 revision history

The first release of Capture 2024 was version 2024.0.30, the 5th of March 2024.

Version 2024.0.41, released the 2nd of July 2024
Nested Motion
Circular references in motion fixture setups could cause Capture to hang.
Group Location
Locations assigned to grouped trusses did not carry through to fixtures.
Line Snapper
It was not possible to make plot adjustments for line snappers.
Version 2024.0.40, released the 24th of June 2024
Project Export
Project files exported to older version of Capture did not open if the new plot report inset had been used.
Barndoor cuts and vortex effects of multi-aperture fixtures did not visualise on transparent surfaces.
Version 2024.0.39, released the 5th of June 2024
glTF Import
Importing glTF files with broken animation channels could lead to crashes.
Receiving multicast-based network data on Macs with unusual network interface configurations could fail.
Moving objects that are included in scenes was not always undoable.
Version 2024.0.38, released the 11th of May 2024
DWG Import
The level of detail of imported solid entities has been increased slightly.
DMX Input
DMX lag and frame synchronisation issues could occur at low framerates.
Focus Sheets
Focus sheets could render without text.
Version 2024.0.37, released the 2nd of May 2024
Mobile Connectivity
ETC Eos connectivity is now available in Capture Mobile. The IP address of the console can be set under Capture Mobile in the system settings.
Mobile Connectivity
It is now possible to configure sACN options for Capture Mobile in the system settings.
Log Folder
An additional shortcut to open the log folder has been added to the Tools menu.
Reflection Planes
Omnidirectional light sources and laser beams were not visible in reflection planes under certain circumstances.
MVR Export
Exporting projects with no layers to MVR produced empty files.
DWG Import
Imported block references with specific rotations could be located incorrectly.
DMX Universes
Automatic linking of project universes to external universes did not work correctly for more than 256 universes.
LED Panels
The base colour of a material affected the luminance of panels.
Version 2024.0.36, released the 15th of April 2024
Texture Generators
Matrix texture generators with 255 or more columns or rows caused project files to not be opened again.
Mobile Compatibility
Capture Mobile refused to start on older iOS versions.
Drag & Drop
Drag and dropping some types of objects from the library could be problematic, especially into views in plot mode.
glTF Export
Nodes with non TRS-decomposable matrices could be exported.
Pixel Tubes
Pixel tube visibility did not follow current filter correctly.
Mobile About
The about window did not open in Capture Mobile.
Fixture Optics
Beams did not update correctly when changing fixture optics.
LED Panels
The intensity of LED panels could sometimes follow the luminosity of the material applied.
Fill Lighting
Large LED structures built using a single generic LED panel could fall out from the fill lighting effect.
Fixtures Tab
The sequential assignment commands in the fixture tab did not always respect selection order.
Trim Height
Moving trusses did not reflect automatically in the trim height shown for trusses in plots.
Beam Intensity
The intensity of simplified multi-aperture beams was incorrect.
Deleting a snapshot caused the snapshots tab to loose focus on Windows, disabling all commands.
Fixture front mounts and yokes were placed incorrectly when cloned.
The center arrow also rendered for front mounts and yokes.
Narrow Beams
Precision issues could occur with very narrow beams, causing artefacts in the rendering.
Symbol Key
Scaling issues could occur in the symbol key when only very wide fixtures were present.
LED Panels
LED panels rendered in outline mode, causing individual panels in larger constructions to be invisible.
Version 2024.0.35, released the 26th of March 2024
Adding Objects
Performance when adding objects could be slow if the Selected Items category of the Design tab was open.
Model Import
Model import could fail sporadically and without any reason.
Plot Underlays
Selected plot insets in plot underlays rendered as selected.
Model Import
Objects repeated at multiple locations and angles could import incorrectly from DWG.
Quick Info
Fixture patch could appear incorrectly in the quick information window.
Truss Snapping
Dynamic circle section truss items did not snap with sufficient accuracy.
Image Scaling
The drawing unit of images was not reapplied correctly when reopening a project.
Version 2024.0.34, released the 14th of March 2024
Multiple Apertures
Fixtures with multiple apertures now visualise as in Capture 2023 again, with the exception of close to square shaped LED strobe lights which now always visualise with a single beam per light source.
Selected Items
It was sometimes possible to edit the properties of deleted objects, which would lead to crashes.
Visualisation of transparent objects did not work correctly on macOS.
DWG Import
Importing DWG files with multiple block references with varying non-affine transformations could produces broken objects.
Version 2024.0.33, released the 9th of March 2024
An issue could cause some older upgraded licence key files to be spontaneously unloaded.
Version 2024.0.32, released the 8th of March 2024
Scene States
Scene states were lost for fixtures and trusses when updated to newer definitions.
Fixture Commands
Fixture related commands did not always enable correctly.
Movie Rendering
The option for multi-aperture rendered was not remembered correctly.
Plot Adjustments
The switch enabling plot adjustments rendered black.
Texture Generators
The input field for the number of rows to use in matrix texture generators was ignored.
Media Players
Only the first half of media player entries were selectable with DMX.
Animated Objects
Shadows glitches could be observed with animated objects.
Asian Characters
Rendering of Asian characters did not function correctly on Windows on lower resolutions.
Version 2024.0.31, released the 5th of March 2024
An issue could case cause upgraded licence key files to be spontaneously unloaded.

For older versions of Capture, see the Capture 2023 revision history.


Capture fixes and changes have been categorized as follows:

Major bug fixes
Minor bug fixes