Capture 2023 revision history

The first release of Capture 2023 was version 2023.0.20, the 14th of March 2023.

Version 2023.1.10, released the 12th March 2024
Dropdown List
Editing dropdown list properties using the keyboard on Windows could lead to crashes.
Running on systems without MSAA support could lead to issues.
Version 2023.1.9, released the 9th February 2024
DWG Import
Text imported from DWG could appear offset.
Fixture Information
The location of fixture information could shift when zooming in wireframe views.
Measure Mode
Measure mode did not function in views after the Swing Camera to Selection command had been used.
Ambient Occlusion
Ambient occlusion issues could result in too bright ambient lighting.
Aperture Orientation
Framing shutters, gobos or any patterns appeared upside down in apertures.
Pixel Tubes
The shape of pixel tubes did not always update when optics were changed.
Laser Beams
Laser beams could disappear when other lasers were turned off.
Version 2023.1.8, released the 14th December 2023
glTF Import
Added support for embedded images in glTF files.
Plot Editor
Closing the plot editor while editing properties could lead to crashes.
Edit Material
CSelecting "Edit Material" for an object's material could lead to a crash.
Universe View
Resizing universe views could lead to crashes.
Polygon Editor
It was possible to add overlapping points to polygons, resultin in broken geometry.
Transparent Panels
Transparent panel rendering could break up at larger distances.
Frosted Materials
Frosted materials rendered too bright with ambient lighting.
Focus Visualisation
Visualisation of focus did not work unless a gobo, iris or framing shutters were inserted.
Saving Files
Including a dot in filenames when saving on Mac could result in the wrong file format.
Sequential Patch
Dots in universe names could result in incorrect sequential patch behaviour.
Version 2023.1.7, released the 30th October 2023
Casts Shadows
The casts shadows property of imported objects is now available when in groups and the group is selected.
Duplicate Report
Duplicating reports could lead to crashes, both immediately and when closing the project file.
sACN Discovery
Spurious crashes could occer when sACN discovery was enabled.
Library Updates
Capture could crash after library updates if certain objects had been used.
Material Mapping
The specified size of the material was not taken into account correctly while mapping.
Colour Options
Changing colours of the user interface could affect the transparency of user interface elements.
Importing patch information using Eos CSV did not work as intended for some patch notations.
Paperwork Order
When exporting multiple plots or reports they would not always be exported in the correct order.
SSAO Flicker
Screen-space ambient occlusion could cause flickering on objects at great distances.
Video Freeze
Video player movie playback could freeze if no live view was open for more than 20 seconds.
Licence Uninstall
Licence key files could not be uninstalled if they had not been unlocked.
Large Files
Project files larger than 4 GB could not be opened.
Version 2023.1.6, released the 19th September 2023
Motion Fixtures
Assigning motion fixtures in a group to control the group itself could result in a hang.
Control Pane
The mouse could jump to odd positions in multi-monitor setups when using the control pane on macOS.
Water Jets
Wide water jets did not render well at lower intensities.
Motion Fixtures
It was not possible to delete a motion fixture that had been added to a fixture group.
Gobo Wheels
The speed of gobo change was too slow in fixtures with very slow variable gobo rotation speed.
Emissive Surfaces
Depth precision glitches could be observed in emissive surfaces.
Version 2023.1.5, released the 21st August 2023
Sort Order
The sort order of DMX patch and fixture groups was incorrect.
Version 2023.1.4, released the 18th August 2023
Report Layout
Table content could overflow page boundaries.
Rigging Reports
Sorting by rigging coordinate in reports produces unintuitive results.
Group Layer
Newly created groups were not assigned to a layer.
Gobo Rotation
The direction of gobo rotation, both indexed and spinning, was incorrect.
DWG Import
Lines imported from blocks in DWG files ended up at the wrong location.
MVR Export
Exported MVR files were missing all but the first fixture types' GDTF files.
Panel Reports
Panels did not provide any power rating in reports.
Version 2023.1.3, released the 4th July 2023
Hanging Dialogs
On Windows, Capture could hang temporarily in dialogs that have been open for several minutes.
Throws Light
Turning on and off the Throws Light property of fixtures could cause erratic lighting behaviour in other fixtures.
MVR Unit
Fixtures' Unit properties could export incorrectly when containing a combination of text and numbers.
Version 2023.1.2, released the 20th June 2023
MVR Import
Support for GDTF 1.2 and GLB geometry files has been added.
MVR Export
Trusses are now exported as symbols.
NDI Update
Updated to NDI 5.5.4.
It is now possible to select the network interface to use for MA-Net3.
Project Files
Various improvements to verify and ensure the integrity of saved project files.
Corrupt Projects
Replacing internal fixture identifier when importing fixture data could lead to corrupt project files.
Rendering Glitches
Visualisation on Mac could contain glitches with emissive materials at certain angles and distances from objects.
Distracting Edges
Built-in forms such as the cylinder could leave distracting edges.
Off-screen Windows
Dialogs and windows could sometimes open partially off-screen on Windows.
Measure Units
Measurement units in automatic unit mode now allow mixed imperial units, i.e. 4' 2".
Version 2023.0.25, released the 5th June 2023
Window Resize
Resizing a design view in Live mode to a wide but very low height size could lead to a crash.
Pixel Tubes
Using pixel tubes and omnidirectional fixtures could lead to crashes on some Macs with Intel GPUs.
Corrupt Project Files
Recording snapshots with missing thumbnails could result in project files that could not be loaded again.
Library Download
Automatic installation of library updates downloaded inside Capture could fail with an incorrect incompatibility error.
Version 2023.0.24, released the 17th May 2023
Open Project
Opening a valid project file could fail under extremely rare circumstances.
Save Project
Shutting off the computer forcibly immediately after saving a project could lead to corrupt files.
Version 2023.0.23, released the 18th April 2023
Demo Timeout
The demo version could crash after the demo timeout had elapsed.
Movie Rendering
Occasional black frames and glitches could appear in rendered movies.
Version 2023.0.22, released the 30th March 2023
Chinese Reports
Capture could crash when displaying some reports in Chinese.
Snapshot Recording
Visualisation would freeze when opening modal dialogs on Windows, such as the movie snapshot recording dialog.
Layer Key
Plot layer keys could show layers in the wrong order.
Snapping could malfunction after having used a keyboard shortcut to navigate away from a design view.
The transform dialog did not remember what type of transformation was last performed.
Page Setup
The built in page sizes for Letter was incorrect.
Slide Projectors
The quality of images projected with slide projectors was very low.
glTF Import
Importing glTF files from paths containing international characters failed without an explanation.
Symbol Key
Symbols in the plot symbol key were shown mirrored.
Fixtures Window
When opening the fixtures window it did not initially reflect the current selection.
DWG Export
Exporting imported objects with modified drawing units could get the wrong scale.

For older versions of Capture, see the Capture 2022 revision history.


Capture fixes and changes have been categorized as follows:

Major bug fixes
Minor bug fixes