Forums revamped

Forums revamped

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Having taken a fresh look at the role of our forums amongst all our communication and support platforms, we have introduced a few changes to keep all kinds of conversations going in a transparent and engaging way.

Starting with the addition of a new section called Official, this consists of two forums. The first one is called Announcements, where Capture representatives will be broadcasting important information of all kinds. Not every piece of information ends up in blog posts, social media or newsletters, so make sure you subscribe to it and stay up to date with things we want to share with you.

The second forum is also brand new and is called Feature Requests. So far we have been receiving your emailed feature requests, but then other users could neither see them, add their perspective, nor learn about our response. Now, once a feature is requested other users will be able to like it and therefore note down their interest, and also add comments to it. So, remember to always search before posting! And please read the pinned post before you post the first time. We are confident this section will draw a lot of attention.

At the same time, we renamed the older forums and grouped them under the Community Support section, where users are assisting other users. All these conversations have already built a knowledgebase of their own, where it is very easy to search and find answers to your questions. And even continue the discussion at any later point in time. This is the key difference compared to the lively social media groups, where the same discussions are being repeated over and over, and looking up past conversations, or adding to them, is not that easy. 

So, in this section you will find the How To forum, which as the name implies it is the place to ask other users when you are not sure how to use a function. Please remember to explore our Documentation page first in case it is already covered there. 

Next is the Issues forum, where you can be checking with other users if you are doing something wrong. As explicitly described in the forum’s pinned post, if you are certain that we are doing something wrong you should report it straight to the dedicated email support channels as seen on our Contact & FAQ page. Please note that even though Capture representatives might be participating in the Community Forums when deemed necessary, any dedicated support in a timely manner is guaranteed only through our support email channels.

Finally, for any other topics that do not fall in the above categories you can always post them to Other.

In general remember that you need to manually subscribe to the forums you are interested in, otherwise you will not be receiving notifications of new posts. And of course be kind to each other when posting!