New Library Updates Forum

New Library Updates Forum


We are delighted to see that discussions on our forums have really picked up since we revamped them a year and a half ago.

In particular the Feature Requests forum has become quite popular, full of all sorts of improvement and feature requests. If you haven't discovered it already, there is a 👍 button at the bottom right corner where you can add your vote to a request!

One of the requests we have received is to provide more information about changes in the library.

New Library Updates forum

With the release of Capture 2022 we introduced better support for complex objects in the library, such as irregular truss pieces and other industry types of equipment. This support was further enhanced in Capture 2023 and the amount of this type of objects in the library is now growing rapidly.

As a result, we are now launching a new Library Updates forum to help keep you up to speed with our progress. Here you can expect posts with information about new human characters, mobile stages, winches or other types of industry related equipment - as well as useful tips and tricks with regard to using them.

Please keep in mind that requests for library content should still be sent to!

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We look forward to seeing you in the forums!