Barretos Festival, August 2023

Barretos Festival, August 2023

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Until the 1950s, the city of Barretos had not yet gained the importance it has today. It was a peaceful place where cowboys went to rest and have fun. It was from the group “Os Independentes”, which organized the first rodeo in Brazil in 1947, that things began to change in the city.

In 1956, the 1st Festa do Peão de Barretos took place and over time the format known today was consolidated with competitions in different modalities, including the participation of women in some of them, and following the model of international festivities.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of people who go to the event annually and brighten the city of Barretos and this great party.

Both stages had a 3D studio structure to carry out the advanced programming of the lighting shows, where all programmers and operators felt comfortable programming with the scenarios designed by Flow and faithfully represented by Capture.

See what the  Vinicius Costa - Lighting Designer at Festa do Peão de Barretos and partner at Flow Lighting said about the Festa do Peão de Barretos 2023:

"We had the experience of having the support of Lighting Bits together with Capture at the Pião de Barreto party where we used 3D Software on both stages. It has been a very cool experience, both in resolution and performance, and people feel much more comfortable using Capture at festivals, it gives a much greater sense of reality in 3D. Capture is an incredible tool, complete software." 

Location: Parque do Pião – Barretos
Lighting supplier: LPL
LED: N.A Equipamentos
Scenography: Catraca
Stage art: Diverti
Led panel content: Seven Zee
Event organization: Os Independentes 

Lighting Design and Programming: FLOW
Lighting Designer: Vinicius Costa
Programmers and Operators Arena stage: Rodrigo Prado, Eduardo Ferreira
Programmers and Operators Amanhecer stage: Everton Wolf, Júlio César

Photos by: Alisson Demetrio