Visualization enhancements

The new fill lighting view option adds a new type of ambient lighting to your visualization, a localized lighting effect similar to that of the lighting reflected from the scenery illuminated by your fixtures.

In combination with the new ambient occlusion rendering setting it adds an amazing life-like aura to your scenes.

The new live view antialiasing rendering setting also helps the live visualization not only by smoothing off all sharp edges but also by keeping specular reflections of small shiny surfaces (such as truss bracing) in check, minimizing flickering effects during camera movements.

Visualization of fixtures with more than 64 apertures is now possible and fixtures with very small apertures and/or narrowly laid out apertures, as is the case with single-pixel strip LED bars, are now also visualized correctly.

Asymmetric beams of PAR-fixtures are now visualized correctly, with the ability to orient the filament as required. Front mounted external scanner units such as the Rosco I-Cue are also supported and fully functional.