Data import enhancements

The data import functionality of Capture has been vastly improved, both in terms of functionality and robustness with regard to file formats and flavours. We have fine-tuned the data import function to work at an optimum with as many industry systems and softwares as possible.

In addition to updating existing fixtures in a project, the data import function is now also capable of adding new fixtures to a project. This means that a complete rig can now be imported and added to a project from a CSV file, complete with position and patch information. When importing from ChamSys MagicVis, grandMA2 or VectorWorks, the only manual step necessary is identifying the fixture types referenced.

Furthermore the data import function is also capable of replacing imported objects when adding new fixtures. This is done using the new "drawing name" concept which allows identifying instances of imported groups, blocks and components. This adds a complete workflow for transferring designs from VectorWorks to Capture using the DWG file format and VectorWorks "Instrument data" CSV files. The only addition step required is identifying the fixture types referenced.