DWG & DXF import enhancements

The DWG and DXF import functionality has been improved in a number of ways to allow better interoperability with other 3D modelling softwares.

Materials are now imported from DWG and DXF files, including textures and their mapping. Imported objects are now also split by material, making it significantly easier to modify, replace and work with materials post-import. (Embedded textures are not supported - textures need to be stored as separate files alongside the DWG or DXF file.)

The name of DWG and DXF blocks created for the sole purpose of naming an instance a block is now preserved through a new "drawing name" concept in Capture. This allows for imported objects to be replaced with library fixtures when importing (console patch) data.

Finally Capture understands DWG and DXF solids better, ensuring each solid imports as an individual object and preserving edge visibility information.