Accurate colour visualization

The motion picture and television production industry is currently undergoing a revolution thanks to a science and technology project of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ( called ACES - "Academy Color Encoding System". ACES is a complete colour management and image interchange system which we have implemented parts of in Capture's rendering pipeline, allowing for unprecendented colour accuracy in the visualization. By using the ACEScg color encoding Capture Nexum can perform colour calculations with chromaticities not visible on most displays, blending colours correctly before they are finally limited to the display of your computer.

This is particularly exciting for Mac users since Capture Nexum renders its output to the Display P3 colours space on macOS which is fully colour managed by the operating system. This means Capture Nexum can take full advantage of the wide colours displays of new Apple products. (On Windows, Capture Nexum renders its output to sRGB.)

To ensure that Capture Nexum puts this technology to the best use possible the library now has support for specifying filters as well as LED colours using the CIE 1931 colour space, also taking luminosity variations between LED emitters in fixtures into account. Stock filters from popular brands like GAM, LEE and Rosco have been updated and we have also been working closely with ETC and Robe prior to the release, ensuring that we have accurate colour information for ETC's entire LED product range as well as Robe's LEDWash, LEDBeam, DL4 and DL7 product ranges.