Intro Visualisation

Visualise with brilliance

Bring lighting, media and motion into your visualisation. Our rendering engine's outstanding colour accuracy and amazing performance will impress you right away! With a complete library of lighting fixtures, trusses, LED panels and video projectors you have everything you need to make your ideas come to life. When your design is complete you can render it to high quality image and video files. You can also export Capture's unique, stand-alone, presentations which deliver full interactivity with your design.

Physical Based Rendering

Lighting design is all about the interaction of the light from your fixtures with the materials on set.

Capture embraces the PBR material model, with support for several property textures, including metallic, roughness, normal, alpha. As an industry first you can even work with fluorescent materials.

Any imported scenery can be enhanced with PBR materials.


Create high quality offline renders at any point, watermarked with your logo and project information.

By recording movie snapshots that include DMX, media and motion you can render movies in up to 4K 60fps.

High Resolution
Cross plattform Presentations

Share your design by exporting an interactive presentation of your Capture project with others that don't have Capture, on either Windows or macOS.

In a presentation you can browse through design snapshots and view them from different angles.


Adding a planar surface with reflections is way of enhancing the realism of your visualisation.

Capture supports reflections on flat surfaces by combining a reflection plane with a smooth material.

This is a visualisation of the difference between SDR and HDR.

Capture supports and makes full use of HDR monitors out of the box.

Using the latest dynamic tone mapping from ACES, Capture automatically adjusts the HDR experience to the maximum brightness of your display.

On macOS, Capture also supports rendering movie snapshots to HDR.

Specifications related to Visualisation

Video capture devices
  • Any with Windows (Media Foundation) drivers
  • Any with macOS drivers
Ethernet DMX protocols
  • Art-Net
  • CITP
  • Compulite VC
  • High End Hog visualizer connectivity
  • ETC Net 2
  • MA-Net2 (Windows only, MA software version 2.9+)
  • MA-Net3 (grandMA3 viz-key)
  • sACN
USB DMX devices
  • EntTec DMX USB Pro
  • EntTec DMX USB Pro Mk2
Streaming video media protocols
  • NewTek NDI
  • Green Hippo HMap 3
Streaming laser media protocols
  • LaserAnimation
  • Pangolin Beyond
Motion tracking protocols
  • Blacktrax RTTrP
  • Kinesys K2
  • PosiStageNet
Camera control protocols
  • OSC