Intro Documentation

Documentation comes easy

Great plots and reports are never more than a click away in Capture! Design changes are instantly reflected in your plots and reports. Plot information like patch, filters, gobos and other accessories appears automatically for all fixture types.
Capture documentation is clear and easy to read, with a wide range of configuration options that give you total control. All that is missing is your personal touch!


Create any number of plots in different sizes and with different contents. All insets offer plenty of configurability, ranging from text sizes and colours to filters that dictate what to include in the views.

The snapping of insets makes it easy to create professional layouts. Copying contents across plots is also easy. The underlay concept makes it easy to work with plot templates.

Plot Headers

Start off with any of the header templates that come out of the box. Break them apart, rearrange them and customise them according to your needs.

A set of special keywords allow you to centrally edit key pieces of information shared across all plots and reports.


Hit the ground running with our premade report templates. Customise the columns, sorting, grouping and filtering as required.

Apart from fixtures, Capture reports also cover your fixture groups, custom gel strings, rigging points and cabling information.

Export to PDF

Documentation is meant to be shared!

Both plots and reports can be exported directly to PDF, either one by one or together as a documenation package in a single PDF.

Export plots to PDF
Measuring Mode

The dedicated measuring mode is ideal for quick positioning and one-off measurements.

You can also use it to quickly add dimensions to your plots

Custom Plot Symbols

Capture comes with a rich library of fixture and informative symbols. You can also import your own symbols using the SVG format.

Imported symbols can be used for fixture, or as objects by themselves. Symbols are centered by default, but a vertical offset can be added as well.

Custom plots symbols